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Dodgy tradie jailed for home improvement scam

A SERIAL fraudster who posed as a general handyman and answered advertisements for home improvement jobs across the Clarence Valley but never did the work, scamming his victims $6800 out of pocket, has been jailed.

Mark Andrew Hughes appeared in Grafton Local Court on Tuesday for sentencing after he pleaded guilty to four charges of dishonestly obtain financial advantage by deception.

The court heard the offences date between September 2018 and January 2019, and involved Hughes answering four separate adverts on Facebook community groups from across the Clarence from people looking to engage a tradesman for general home improvement work.

According to the agreed facts, the 47-year-old answered the advertisements as part his general handyman service A1 Complete Property Maintenance and in each case responded to notices posted on Facebook groups asking for work to be done.

The court heard Hughes responded to the posts made by the victims and arranged to give a quote over what services he could provide before requesting an initial deposit.

Hughes collected $6800 in deposits from his four victims, but despite many requests and attempts from the victims to contact Hughes he never completed any of the jobs, and only made a start on the fourth project he was contracted to complete. Court documents reveal none of the money has been recovered.

Magistrate Kathy Crittenden said the harm and distress caused by the fraud to the victims must be acknowledged, and that there was a need for general and specific deterrence considering the seriousness of the offences and how contacting a handyman for work over social media is common.

“The amount of money involved in the offences is towards the lower end of the scale but is not insignificant,” the magistrate said.

“The victims, who in good faith engaged the offender for home improvement

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2020 General Election: Carson City Supervisor Ward 2

Maurice “Mo” White

Position sought: Carson City Supervisor, Ward 2

Occupation: Retired Diesel Mechanic.

Age: 62

Contact: MauriceForWard2.com; 775-297-6484; [email protected]; Facebook Maurice For Ward 2

Maurice “Mo” White

Record of service: Due to an eye injury at 12 years old I was not able to serve in the military.

Volunteer work: 1991 – 1995 Cofounder and board member Carson City Pop Warner

1991 – 1995 member – Carson City Youth Sports Association

2008 – present member – Ormsby Sportsman’s Association

2010 – present founded – Veterans Guest House Endowment Fund

2010 – present member – Community Foundation of Western Nevada Legacy Society

2013 – 2017    member – Carson City Airport Authority

2013 – present  member – Sierra Nevada Forums Steering Committee

2015 – present  Board of directors Nevada State Prison Preservation Society

2019 – present   member of The Peregrine Fund Leadership Council

The Parts House, Gardnerville, Nevada

April 2008 – September 2008

Position : Outside salesman

BMSW Excavation, Sparks, Nevada

October 2006 – August 2007

Position : Head Mechanic / Hot Tap specialist

Auto Marine Machine, Carson City, Nevada

June 2005 – September 2006

Position : Engine builder / Machinist / Department Manager

Douglas County School District, Minden, Nevada

December 1978 – July 2005

Position : Equipment Mechanic / Head Mechanic

For a more complete biography please visit my website, MauriceForWard2.com

Education: Douglas High School: Graduated 1977

 Arizona Automotive Institute: Graduated 1978

Western Nevada Community College: 21 credits 1993-2002

Chamber of Commerce Leadership Institute Graduated 2013

Throughout his career inservice training and certification efforts were ever present. Mo received many certificates and accreditations in my 40 year career, including Master Mechanic and Technician Specialist in multiple categories.

Platform: As a lifelong resident of Carson City Mo enjoys the diversity of its residents and  opportunities the City provides. Borrowing

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4 Mistakes that Drive Service Agents Crazy

From installation problems to warranty equipment misuse and abuse, here’s what service agents want you to know about the issues that make work tougher for everyone.

To start, this title probably comes on a little strong. The men and women who run service agencies are businesspeople, after all. They genuinely appreciate their customers and know the success of their agencies is due to the operators who call them and the supply chain partners that work alongside them.

It’s just some issues can get under their skin. Problems that come up again and again. Headache-inducers that could be done away with through a bit of education. In the end, they know that if operators take the time to learn about and avoid these issues, everyone, from rep to dealer to operator to service agency, will save time, money and plenty of aggravation.

Mistake No. 1: Not Thinking Through Installation Early Enough

Plenty of equipment problems begin during installation, or even before, when placing the order.

Some of the biggest problems arise from the most basic issues, service agents say. When ordering a piece of equipment, the operator, dealer and even the rep need to ensure the utilities for that item match the facility. The wrong voltage or natural gas type can stop an install in its tracks. While the supply chain has to deal with the problem, an install appointment halted by these issues also becomes an issue for service agents, says Scott Hester, president of Texas-based Refrigerated Specialist Inc. (RSI) and Cooking Equipment Specialists (CES). An install that can’t be completed still incurs costs in man-hours, after all.

Even when the right equipment is ordered, problems can still arise. One issue, says Wayne Stoutner, CEO of upstate New York service agency Duffy’s AIS, is simply defining what an installation covers.

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St Andrews to Sir Andrew as Mackenzie given knighthood

The latter honour recognises his services to science, technology and business, but also his role in fostering the relationship between Australia and the United Kingdom.

That relationship has, since June, been the subject of negotiations over a Free Trade Agreement that could boost relations with Australia’s seventh-biggest trading partner.

Sir Andrew says it is a relationship that ”is going to become much more important in the years to come”.

“With Brexit coming, whatever your persuasion on that, it is going to result in a more sovereign United Kingdom which will want to choose how it makes friends all over the world and will be much less constrained in the terms of doing that,” he says.

”The tyranny of distance is much less of a problem now for nations to collaborate. I think that was true anyway and I think that has been accelerated by the fact we now have to work much more virtually [because of the pandemic].

”In a fast-moving world I do believe the timezone [differences between Australia and the UK] can be your friend because you can put teams together who can move around the clock.

“I am a huge champion of Australia and a huge champion of the UK and it would be good if the two countries were linked and I think it is possible.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson joked in June that such a deal could boost two-way trade of breakfast spreads such as Vegemite and Marmite, and give Britons access to cheaper Tim Tam biscuits.

‘It is about staying connected’

For an Australian audience used to free trade deals with Asian nations that are focused on primary industries such as agriculture, mining and energy, the opportunity presented by a pact with the UK has been less obvious.

But Sir Andrew believes there

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Superior Shield will keep silver polished for many months

About this time of the year I get many emails about polishing silver. I always ask if the silver is plated or if it is sterling, because it does make a difference. Polishing silver actually removes a small amount of the silver to reveal clean metal underneath.

Plated silver is not all created equal. Some décor pieces are lightly plated, and if you use polish too much, you will remove the silver plating. So always know what you are working with.

A safe cleaner is one that says “mild.” If you have silver plate, look for a cleaner that lists that specifically on the label. I like Wrights’s and Howard’s Silver Polish. Both of these products mention safe on silver plating. If you have sterling, you can use a stronger formula. But those smell so bad. If polishing silver is not your favorite job, let me remind you about Superior Shield.

Superior Shield was invented by Robert Diffendorf. He revolutionized the marine industry by inventing a superior coating for the teak on his boat. What is great is that you can also use that product on metal, like your silver décor pieces. Spraying those pieces with Superior Shield will keep them looking polished for many, many months.

We have a silver-plated piece that we polished at the store. On one side we sprayed it with Superior Shield. The other side we didn’t. In a couple of months, the unprotected side was tarnished. The side that was sprayed with Superior Shield still looked like it had just been polished. That protection lasted for several years.

But what about other uses? If you have a front door handle that you have to polish, protect it with Superior Shield. And older brass bed, trays and lanterns are all protected with a coat of

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