Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Pros And Cons Of 5 Common Kitchen Layouts

Whether planning kitchen reworking challenge or planning an entire new kitchen, it may be an thrilling and challenging experience. I would go for either siding, Kitchen transform, Rest room transform, and work on holding a room sorta versatile. Bring the outdoors in with a plant, or crops, to infuse coloration and life to a plain toilet house. Plenty of common kitchen transforming traits from latest years name again to older decorating eras.

Good design works effectively in the lives of it’s proprietor, this toilet goes to hold up for a long time. Instead of hiding your kitchen away in the nook of your home, knock down the walls and unencumber your space. While most cooks and cooks appreciate the respiration room that open kitchen reworking ideas convey, they are perfect for entertaining and home parties.

By comparison, Reworking Magazine found that only 60% of the price of a serious kitchen remodeling is usually recouped at the time of sale. Experience tell me that a high quality paint job But with properly chosen colours (hire an inside designer OR a Feng Shui consultant) may make some reworking not wanted.

You would possibly even discover that you prefer the appearance of the matched cabinetry all through your transformed kitchen. New counter tops a reasonably cheap and for a kitchen remodelling venture they can make a huge impact on the general look of the kitchen.

Whether or not you design the kitchen your self, work with a kitchen reworking contractor or house heart, formulating a plan would be the first step. I put in it once I was reworking my lavatory. Not all house remodeling investments carry the same high return; nevertheless, kitchen remodels are top-of-the-line locations to start.…

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fall is the time to tackle outdoor projects

Cathy Hobbs, Tribune News Service
Published 7:39 p.m. ET Oct. 8, 2020

With fall in full swing and winter soon approaching, now may be the ideal time to get any outstanding outdoor projects out of the way. There may also be the desire, with the change of seasons to execute not only necessary repairs and preventive maintenance but also upgrade to include some outdoor entertainment that can be enjoyed during colder months.

Here are some ideas as it relates to fall projects.

1. House painting. Looking to give your home a refresher? While many choose to paint in the Spring, the fall may be a good alternative season to refresh the outside of your home.

2. Outdoor Kitchens. Outdoor kitchens can be basic or elaborate. There are companies that will even create an all in one unit that just has to be hooked up with the help of professionals such as an electrician and or plumber. If you live in a colder climate, you will need to winterize your outdoor kitchen before freezing temperatures kick in.

3. Saunas. With so many opting for a “staycation”. Saunas, which are relatively easy to install allow for an appealing outdoor oasis.

4. Landscaping. The fall is a good time to give your landscape a “fFall cleanup”. Pulling weeds and mulching can help prepare your landscape for the winter chill.

5. Fire pits. Fire pits are more popular than ever and are especially enjoyable on a chilly fall night!

6. Hot tubs. The transition from summer to Fall is typically a time when people look to close up pools and open hot tubs. Hot tubs can come in different sizes and shapes and remain a popular

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15 Gift Ideas to Give New Homeowners

Whether you’re attending a housewarming party or sending a gift to a new homeowner from a distance, finding the perfect…

Whether you’re attending a housewarming party or sending a gift to a new homeowner from a distance, finding the perfect item to welcome your loved ones into their new space may not be easy. A bottle of wine can feel cliche, or even out of line if they don’t drink alcohol. So how do you give a celebratory gift that’s memorable and useful?

The key is trying to make those final parts of moving in easier. “Anything you can choose to make a rough process easier is great,” says Julie Schechter, founder of care package startup Small Packages, based in New York City.

[See: 10 Ways to Save Energy and Lower Your Utility Bills]

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas to help you find an ideal housewarming gift. Here are 15 gift ideas for the new homeowner in your life:

Key Holder

Consider gifting a tray, bowl or set of hooks to serve as a catch-all or drop spot for keys by the main entryway. A key holder is a simple but useful gift and is likely to come in handy if the person is still moving into their first home. By selecting a tray or hooks, however, be careful not to capture a design aesthetic that may not appeal to your loved one. “Design style is very subjective,” says Morgan Falevai, digital marketing manager for Brilliant Gifts, a care package company based in Kaysville, Utah.

Customized Return Addresses

Have return address labels or a return address stamp created to fit your loved one’s new location. This gift may seem small, but will remain handy for years as your friend or family member sends

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10 Ideas to De-Clutter Your Home Pre-Festive Season

Every year before the festive season arrives, we commit ourselves to deep cleaning our homes. It’s a bittersweet task which includes us sorting through some prized and not so prized possessions. We almost always tend to keep more than we need. The lockdown has made us take a hard look at ourselves and nudged us to question our hoarding patterns- not only to enhance the aesthetics but also to de-clutter our mental space.

Pritika Singh, founder of Mohh, a design-first furnishing venture, said, “De-cluttering is an essential way to prepare and cleanse your home for the upcoming festive season. It’s a two-pronged approach: to identify the items you no longer need/use and procuring fuss-free storage solutions to tidy up all the messy nooks and corners. The simple act of de-cluttering can breathe new life into your home, make it seem more open and even afford you greater mental peace when you look around your home as you’re not accosted with material things in every corner.”

Pritika lists down 10 ways to de-clutter your home and get it ready for the upcoming festive season:

 1.      Ask yourself the hard questions
Have I used this specific object in the past one year? If not, then chances are you won’t in the coming future either.

2.      Quit the ‘you never know’ attitude
If you don’t foresee yourself utilising a particular object in the coming 6 months definitively, then it’s time to bid it adieu. 

3.      Have distinctive high traffic and low traffic areas in your house
High traffic areas should be minimal with an easy grab-and-go flow for your everyday essentials. Low traffic areas can be as beautiful as they are useful.

4.      Compartmentalise
Convenient sections everywhere not only help to identify things which are useful, but also make every space easy on

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ASU’s UTO staff cooks up fresh, innovative ideas at Engage 2020

October 5, 2020

This year’s third annual Engage event brought together more than 300 ASU University Technology Office (UTO) staff members across nine work streams to take on leadership roles, brainstorm ideas and gain and exercise new skills.

The two-day internal professional development event was held virtually Sept. 23–24.
Participants at Engage 2020Download Full Image

Following up on the momentum of the ideas constructed by the ASU IT community at Empower 2020, UTO staff spent two hours each day learning, growing and collaborating with colleagues in the form of an idea hackathon. This year’s nine hackathon work streams – submitted by UTO employees and centered around innovation and culture – included:

  • Accessible Dashboard of Dashboards.
  • Activating the Affirmative Pledge.

  • ASU Sync-Up.

  • Authentic Artificial Intelligence.

  • Block-Chain Chain Chain of Tools (See: Aretha!).

  • Emotionally Smart Cities.

  • Help Me Help You: Innovative Boundary-Winning Approaches.

  • Next-Gen Z Networks.

  • Zooming Out of the Meeting Grid.

But first, a word from our CIO

Samantha Becker Lev Gonick

Samantha Becker, executive director of creative and communications, who co-organized the event, kicked things off by welcoming the UTO family and introducing ASU Chief Information Officer Lev Gonick. He shared examples of the top-notch work that ASU UTO has achieved in the last year, including the university’s Daily Health Check initiative, the transformation of the ASU learning environment via ASU Sync and the hundreds of thousands of calls handled by the ASU Experience Center in recent months.

“As I reflect back to last Engage and many of the work streams, much of what has been accomplished was inspired by conversations (from last year),” Gonick said. 

Prep time

Before staff broke out into their hackathon work stream groups, the goals for the two-day immersive event were shared:

Engage 2020 Event Goals

They also received tools, best practices and an introduction to all of the work stream concepts from

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