Technology trends remodeling the motor insurance sector in India

The business ecosystem is changing with the rapid emergence of new-age technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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The Indian insurance sector is experiencing a technological shift. Technology in the insurance sector is transforming the ecosystem not just in scale but also in fundamental aspects. The digital-first business model is the result of companies using data and technology more than ever, testing new business models and revenue streams fueled by new technology. Advanced insurance technology is now already an integral part of the industry, for both insurer and insured.

Today’s consumers have more complex needs and are more knowledgeable and aware of their choices than ever before. They want personalized offerings and tailored communications which leads to insurers digitizing their services and optimizing all interactions.

The business ecosystem is changing with the rapid emergence of new-age technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), and the incumbents of the market are strategizing to enable their businesses to transform digitally. The implementation of any emerging technology is a top-down exercise for the industry, from evaluating the acceptance of new-age technology to shifts in customer behavior, the insurance company has to run the show and usher in the digital transformation.

The insurance industry in India has adapted to numerous developments, amendments and trends such as:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Consumers are always looking for personalized experiences, especially when purchasing something as important as insurance. AI offers insurers the ability to create these unique experiences, meeting the high-speed demands of modern consumers.

With AI, insurers can improve claims turnaround cycles and fundamentally change the underwriting process. AI also helps insurers to access data faster and cutting out the human element that leads to more accurate reporting in shorter periods of time.

Machine Learning

Machine learning

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Freedom Contracting Reveals Most Important Motives for Remodeling – Press Release

Freedom Contracting Reveals Most Important Motives for Remodeling

In a recent public service announcement, Freedom Contracting listed the reasons why people would decide to remodel their homes.

Akron, OH – Freedom Contracting, a remodeling company in Akron, disclosed the most important motivations that homeowners cite when starting remodeling projects in their homes. 

By far the most important reason that homeowners had for remodeling their homes was that their families had changed over time.  Their home fit their families years ago.  But now their families have fundamentally changed and the house no longer fits.

Many homeowners state that they love where their house is located. They love their neighbors and the neighborhood. They love the community they have created along the way. They don’t want to sell their house and move to one that fits better. 

But maybe their older child has gone away to college and they have two teenagers left in the house now, and they need to make some changes. The first thing they need is to remodel the basement so that the teens have a place to entertain friends. They realize they need an Akron contractor to help them make these remodeling changes. 

Besides changes with children, homeowners frequently become caregivers for elderly family members. This usually makes it necessary to do some big remodeling.

Akron homeowners may need to build on an addition to accommodate their elderly relative. More often they need a bathroom that is handicapped accessible. Having a handicapped bathroom in Akron is very important to the safety and well-being of their loved ones. 

The second most important reason homeowners mentioned for remodeling was a need to update.  Over time, appliances and fixtures and plumbing and decorating ideas become outdated.  Homeowners feel the need for more modern designs and better efficiencies in their kitchens and bathrooms.   

View Akron Bathroom Remodel in

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Girls with Power Tools remodeling company gives homes, communities a facelift

Ruth Haller was on her hands and knees, crawling as she pulled the heavy-duty construction material up from the floor of the home she is remodeling in Barrio Logan.

“As you can see, it’s not glamorous,” she said of the work.

The teacher-turned-renovator now runs a home-remodeling company called Girls with Power Tools with her friend, Pamela Macias.

The pair have been working on the South 26th Street home for more than a month. They plan to finish next week and place the 1930s Craftsman up for sale.

The work is not all for profit.

The Girls with Power Tools proprietors plan to use 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the home to purchase laptop computers for students in the neighborhood or in other parts of San Diego. They are also considering purchasing wireless internet cards for needy families.

Haller will dedicate another 10 percent to Guitars in the Classroom, a Mission Valley nonprofit that trains educators on using music to enhance education.

Haller said it feels wonderful to give back to the community where she started her teaching career, and where she feels at home. She spent nearly nine years at Emerson-Bandini Elementary, which is less than two miles from the house on South 26th Street. Later she transferred to Webster Elementary.

“I love coming back to the neighborhood I started in … being here … it just feels good to go down the street every day and see everything that I love about being Mexican,” Haller said.

Macias and Haller started their home-renovation company earlier this year, after flipping four other properties independently.

Macias was a Realtor and eviction agent before she began helping clients with distressed properties by renovating the homes.

With the pandemic in full swing, and a temporary ban on evictions, there

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HFSA: Neprilysin Post-MI Fails to Reverse LV Remodeling

Sample size and study duration may be a factor in null outcome

Neprilysin inhibitors have vasodilatory, anti-hypertrophy, anti-fibrotic, and sympatholytic effects, all of which suggest that they could slow or prevent the left ventricular remodeling that may occur following myocardial infarction — remodeling that leads to heart failure.

That was the hypothesis that British Heart Fund researchers tested in a randomized trial comparing sacubitril/valsartan to valsartan alone in patients at high risk for heart failure following MI.

But Kieran Docherty, MD, of the British Heart Fund Research Centre at the University of Glasgow and Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, and colleagues found that “patients with asymptomatic left ventricular systolic dysfunction (and low NT-proBNP levels) following MI did not achieve a significant reverse remodeling effect with sacubitril/valsartan compared to valsartan.”

Docherty said he and his colleagues enrolled patients who were at least 3 months post-MI, had an LVEF of 40% or less, were taking a beta-blocker unless contraindicated, and could tolerate an ACEi or ARB. The trial excluded patients with atrial fibrillation, SBP less than 100 mmHg, and reduced kidney function. It was a trial of asymptomatic patients; thus, patients in NYHA class II or higher were excluded.

In his presentation during a late-breaking clinical trials session at the 2020 Heart Failure Society of America virtual meeting, Docherty noted that most of the 93 patients randomized were about 4 years out from MI.

That extended post-MI time might explain the failure to observe a benefit, said James E. Udelson, MD, of the Cardiovascular Center at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, who served as the study discussant.

Udelson pointed out that the trial design stipulated 3 months or longer post-MI, but the actual participants included in the study sample were closer to 48 months post-MI. “It’s really important to understand that

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Columbia Basin Herald

EPHRATA — Voters in the Ephrata School District will finally be able to see the results of the bond measure passed in 2019 for remodelings at several schools in the district.

Work is beginning on remodeling and gymnasium additions at both Columbia Ridge Elementary School and Ephrata Middle School. Fowler Construction, of Richland, will be doing the construction for these projects and an office and entry security project at Parkway School.

The gymnasium at Columbia Ridge will be located in the southeastern portion of the school grounds.

The middle school’s new gym will be in the area of the current parking lot. This gym will enclose the school.

“What it will do is create an internal atrium area,” said Tim Payne, superintendent of Ephrata School District. “It will be enclosed for safety purposes. Students won’t have to go outside to connect anymore.”

The gymnasium additions will give both schools much needed space for students and community activities.

“Our gyms are very busy,” Payne said. “Everybody wants them. The city wants them. AAU wants them.”

The district’s gyms are also used for extracurricular activities and sports, as well as PE classes, which have become too crowded. Payne said that at the middle school approximately 400 students use the gym for classes.

The groundbreaking for the new gyms took place on Sept. 29. They are expected to be completed in December 2022. In conjunction, work will be performed at Parkway during the summer of 2021. This will include remodeling the school office and updating security at the entrance of the building. The total cost for the work at the three schools is $40,640,092, including sales tax. The renovations are being paid for by both the bond measure passed in 2019 and matching funds from the state.

Grant Elementary School will receive a

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