How to Set a Budget for Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling your home is a natural process, much like buying a house. The day for remodeling will come and if you feel that this time is now, you will need to make a budget. But if you make your budget the wrong way, you will end up overspending or going in loops.

How much will the Remodeling Cost?

You already know which sections of your house you want to remodel, or else you wouldn't be here. Now to get the ball rolling, you will need to figure out exactly how much your remodeling dreams will cost. If you do not have a clear idea on what you want, take it easy, look through some remodeling magazines and maybe even meet some remodeling designers and contractors to get a better idea. Do not restrict yourself to prices yet. Just get all the information on what is out there. Once you know the specific projects you want, then find out how much it will cost. This you can estimate from project quotations found in remodeling magazines or just go back to the contractors to get an idea.

How much can you spend?

The next step is to look into your bank account and check how much bank balance you are willing to spend on remodeling your home. While sizing up how much money you have for remodeling, you need to cross-check with the remodeling cost of the projects that you have selected. This is straight forward. However, if you are planning to borrow money or take a loan out, there are a few things you must be aware of.

Except for a personal loan, there are two types of loan options available to you for remodeling your house. The home equity loan and the cash-out refinance. Home equity loan is when you …

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Why You Need Kitchen Remodeling

Decades ago, kitchens were designed with modern technology in mind, however modern technology today is very different from the technology which was used years ago. Today’s kitchen users have very different needs from the needs of those who originally designed the kitchens. Therefore kitchen remodeling is becoming more and more popular. Remodeling is the art of redesigning and renovating a kitchen to make it more suitable for the needs of the home owner.

Today’s homeowners are trying to deal with a much larger range of tools and gadgets than homeowners used to have. Trying to find somewhere to put these things can be difficult if your kitchen is designed incorrect, or with a previous era in mind. Kitchen remodeling can help you to make better use of the space that you have available. Although some people are able to have their kitchen extended, others are forced to work with the limited space which is available. A professional remodeler will be able to come up with an appropriate design. This can include making extra space for the things you need, by taking out all of the things you don’t need. For example, when you renew your kitchen, you can choose to install a range of all in one gadget, rather than having separate tools. Other ideas may involve innovate fold away solutions.

Older kitchen spaces also sometimes fail to take health and safety concerns into mind. Kitchen remodeling will allow you to make great improvements which can help to protect you and your family. This can include childproofing areas which toddlers could hurt themselves on or putting in different flooring so there is less of a slip and trip hazard. If your current floor is a slip or trip hazard, you should take action because accidents in the kitchen can have …

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Remodeling to Feel Younger – Aging-In-Place Home Design

Have you heard about aging-in-place home design? It is a new trend for seniors and older adults who dream of living independently in their own familiar home as they age, surrounded by many rich and fulfilling memories they have long cherished. When recently starting a new business focused on home modifications for elderly and disabled in the Atlanta, Georgia area, I was very pleased to find that the National Association of Home Builders was offering the courses I needed to obtain my Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS certification right here in Atlanta, Georgia. I was able to complete all three courses in February of this year, thanks to the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. Many subjects were discussed, including how to do aging in place home assessments.

The NAHB Certified Aging-In-Place program instructs individuals in the business management, handicap accessibility aspects of architectural design, and client service procedures necessary to conduct full service design and installation modifications to homes. There are three aging-in-place categories. The first group is made up of 50+ seniors who are healthy, but wisely endeavoring to remodel their homes as they age. The second group is people with progressive illnesses or disabilities that need to modify their homes to accommodate their increasing needs for greater accessibility. The last aging-in-place group is persons who have had an accident and require immediate modification to their homes, as they return from rehab or hospital. Aging-in-place specialists are trained to serve each of these three groups; skillfully serving seniors and disabled persons as they seek to remain living independently in homes they have long cherished.

Home assessments are professionally conducted by certified aging in place specialists. Home modifications are determined by evaluating the needs of the disabled resident, and comparing the needs to the Atlanta home spaces.

Who wants …

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Effective Business Card Designs For Bathroom Remodeling Services

Business cards are time-tested marketing tools that you can use to introduce your company to prospective clients. Through these prints, you can communicate your bathroom remodeling company’s basic information. These includes business name, the services it offers, business address as well as contact numbers. When created with effective design and persuasive text, your prints will help you build visual identity among your market and thus, increase sales. It is therefore advisable that you take time to plan the design of your cards. Make sure that your output is something that your clients will hold on to until the time that they needed your services. Here are some ideas on how you can make your business card prints worth keeping:

Creative Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling Business Cards

o Include useful information. Since the goal is to make your clients hold on to those cards, your copy should include information that they can use as reference. You may put in the names of the stores where they can get great deals on bathroom fixtures. You can also include a simple checklist of what to do during DIY bathroom redecorations. Adding calendar is also a great idea.

o Do billboard-type advertising. Instead of leaving the other side of your card prints blank, you can use it to advertise your business. You can create a message or use your company’s tagline and present it the way you would on billboard spaces – text that can be understood even at a glimpse. Complement this message with eye-catching bathroom designs or graphics.

o Add an irresistible offer. People love great offers, promos and discounts. Use your cards as coupons. Invite people to come over to your office and present the card for a discount on any bathroom remodeling job. You can add a line at the …

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How Can Remodeling Help You Regain Independence at Home?

Universal Design is a relatively new paradigm that emerged from "barrier-free" or "accessible design." It is a design focus that describes designing and building a home to accommodate its owner's physical needs for today and into the future. However, universal design and new home construction are not mutually exclusive terms. Some of the industry's strongest universal design advocates say they have been inspired either through their own personal experience coping with life-altering disabilities or by clients with special needs; and many of these clients had a strong desire to stay in their current family home!

Let us tell you a little about the numerous people for whom Universal Design was, well, designed! Of course the commonly used term "Aging In Place" is easily understood to refer to aging adults whose changing abilities require changing environments. Many people who wish to stay in their homes through their retirement are planning ahead to begin adapting their homes for the years to come.

This mature section makes up an extremely large portion of those who benefit from Universal Design. In 2008 the US Administration On Aging concluded that 1 in 8 Americans is aged 65 or older. By 2030 that statistic will jump to 1 in 5! The agency took this study one step further and asked how many of these adults wanted to stay in their homes as they aged. An amazing 90% planned on staying in their current homes throughout their retirement; 50% of those people are planning on remodeling their home to accommodate their future needs. So, I think we have a handle on the fact that the aging population in our country is quickly realizing that Universal Design and Certified Aging in Place Specialists are going to be the best way to age gracefully in their home sweet home! …

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