The Benefits of Wet Rooms

When it comes to designing your bathroom you have lots of options. Typically a bathroom contains about three key features. A bathroom will have a toilet, a bathtub or shower stall or tub with a showerhead and a sink. However, as bathroom design as changed, so have the options as to the choice of the design. The design choices aren’t just about the colors of your fixtures or the type of flooring you put in, but rather are changing in terms of the actual functionality of the room itself. People are now putting in wet rooms rather than your standard bathroom.

One of the greatest benefits to a wet room is the space saving design of it all. With a wet room the entire bathroom really acts as the shower. This means that you will not have the standard tub. Not having a tub in your bathroom can save you a considerable amount of space. Even if space is not an issue in your home this new bathroom design where the shower is part of the room is just a modern look for a bathroom that changes the way the room works and its functionality.

Another great benefit to using wet rooms design is the ease of cleaning that it offers. With this type of design there are no enclosures for the shower. Instead the room is designed so that the water is all drained into one area. The floor in the shower area will all slope over so slightly to the drain in order to remove the water from the room as you shower. This is a twist on normal bathroom design where the enclosure does the job of containing the water so it goes down the drain. The lack of enclosures and the fact that the entire floor …

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