Brits want greener homes and big energy saving, according to research

Seven in ten Brits want to make their homes greener and more cost-effective, according to new research.

Energy Saving Trust found that a household can save up to £581 on energy bills each year if they implement a full range of efficiency measures, purchase efficient appliances and exercise best practice energy saving behaviour, such as getting a smart meter installed.

On top of the financial savings, a household could also save 2,141 kg of CO2e emissions, which is the equivalent of driving 7,500 miles or enough energy to power the lights in 27 homes in the UK for a year.

Home improvement conversations increased during lockdown, with ‘insulation’ being the most discussed topic.

However, Britons are also considering additional energy efficient or sustainable actions they can take in their home, from eco-friendly paint to water saving shower heads.

New research of 4,000 respondents, commissioned by Smart Energy GB, reveals that Brits’ key motivation behind making their homes greener is to help the environment (71%) – but equally to save money (71%).

This week,Homebase, in partnership with Smart Energy GB, launched ‘The Green Aisle’ in 137 of their stores nationwide to showcase home improvement products in one place, including information on how to get a smart meter from your energy supplier, which will help make homes greener and winter-ready

“We know that more and more of our customers are looking to make environmentally friendly decisions as they embark on home and garden improvement projects,” said Homebase’s Chris O’Boyle.

“‘The Green Aisle’ not only puts some of our most sustainable and eco-friendly products all in one place for those who know what they’re looking for, but will also provide advice and inspiration, supported by our expert teams, for people who need a hand turning their green ambitions into reality.”

Craig Phillips’ top

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Mum who couldn’t find liners for her bathroom bin uses DOG POO bags & they’re saving her a packet in the process

TAKING the bins out is never a fun job but someone has to do it – and sort through the recycling too. 

One mum recently upgraded her bathroom bin, but couldn’t find a bag to fit in after browsing through a few shops, and she didn’t fancy tipping out the rubbish into the main bin. 

The mum decided to splash out on a new bin but couldn't find any bags which fitted it


The mum decided to splash out on a new bin but couldn’t find any bags which fitted itCredit: Facebook

But she had the bright idea of using dog poo bags instead, which she says fit the bin perfectly. 

She shared her tip to Facebook group Money Saving Hints, Tips and Ideas, claiming the switch has also saved her a fortune. 

She wrote: Bought a new caddy bin for my bathroom and cant find any bin bags small enough to fit. 

“I tried a doggy poo bag and it’s a perfect fit.. 

She decided to use dog poo bags - and claimed she's now saving a fortune on the staple


She decided to use dog poo bags – and claimed she’s now saving a fortune on the stapleCredit: Facebook

“You can buy a pack of 4 rolls for around £1.00 and a bargain too.”

Hundreds of people liked her idea, with some mums admitting they use nappy bags instead. 

One mum admitted: “Ha, that’s what I use.”

Fellow parents thanked her for the tip - with some admitting they use nappy bags


Fellow parents thanked her for the tip – with some admitting they use nappy bags

Another wrote: “Good idea thanks !!”

A third commented: “Doggy bags are great, some people also use nappy sacks as they smell nicer.

While this person added: “I do the same but use nappy bags. Cheap, smell nice and I only have to wash the bin once a week. Sorted!”

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Dust Control: A Simple Way for Builders and Contractors To Impress Customers While Saving Money

The creation of dust during construction and remodeling activities is a common problem among contractors. To reduce clean up, contractors typically want to contain messy, dusty areas as much possible. The best way to do this is to invest in dust control supplies. Dust control includes any item that limits the spread of debris to a single well-contained area. Dust control products include temporary barrier systems, plastic sheeting, floor and cabinet coverings, shoe covers, and other supplies.

Contractors should use dust control because it is a great way to save money and impress customers. Dust control products improve customer satisfaction and increase referrals by showing customers that you care about minimizing messes from dust, debris, and other construction materials. Since dust control contains dust generated in the work area, it makes clean up quicker and more efficient, saving you money on labor costs.

Temporary barrier systems such as ZipWall create a small area in a home or business that is physically sealed off from other spaces. These temporary barriers are a great way to limit dust to a single room, thus making the final clean up quicker and easier. They are usually made of durable aluminum poles that stretch from the floor to ceiling and tightly hold plastic sheeting to create a temporary wall. Using temporary dust barriers with plastic sheeting is a cost-effective way to minimize the spread of dust. If workers choose to seal off a single room, rather than constructing an entire temporary barrier, they can use a temporary door cover that works just as well.

Requiring workers and subcontractors to use personal protection is also an effective way to control dust. Using waterproof shoe covers over muddy boots ensures that homeowners don’t have to deal with a mess of footprints throughout their homes. Waterproof shoe covers …

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Home Remodeling – Top 5 Energy Saving Projects for Remodeling Your Home

Millions of American homeowners plan to remodel instead of move. If you plan to remodel your home, here are some of the most effective projects when it comes to recapturing more of your hard-paid dollars by lowering your home's energy usage.

1. Insulation

The first one, though it won't show on the outside, is adding a layer of insulation to your attic. To decide if your home could use an upgrade, check to see how much you already have. If it's less than twelve inches, adding another layer will lessen your energy bills significantly.

2. Windows

Replacing wood windows with energy-efficient vinyl windows can also offer a relatively quick payback in energy costs. If the cost of replacing all your windows at once is beyond your budget, start by replacing south and west-facing windows first, to save on summer cooling costs. Then replace your east and north-facing windows to reduce heating expenses.

3. Furnace Filters

A very inexpensive upgrade is simply to change your furnace filter regularly. It can improve your cooling system's efficiency by as much as ten percent when combined with making sure your registers are clear, as well. You can save even more, while helping the environment by not having to recycle your old filter, by buying a washable filter for about $ 20, which can last for as long as five years if properly cared for.

4. Lighting

Changing incandescent lighting to fluorescent can also provide a strong return on investment. For instance, replacing just one quarter of your incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents can reduce your home's electricity usage by 50 percent. As energy costs continue to rise, this is a great way to fight back.

5. Appliances

Finally, many of today's new appliances can save large amounts of energy when compared to their ancestors. …

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