Knife Sharpening Services: How to Find the Best

A knife is a useful tool for many households and professions, and a sharp knife is much safer than a blunt knife. Many knife sharpening experts today make it convenient to sharpen your blades, and offer mail-in or mobile services, saving you the hassle of taking your knife to them. Here’s what to consider before choosing a service.

What knife sharpening services are available?

Professional knife sharpening services can fix many different blades including:

  • Knives and scissors for households and businesses
  • Hunting & fishing blades
  • Asian and Japanese-style knives
  • Speciality knives and blades

Some knife sharpening services also offer rental services so that you’re not without a quality knife during the sharpening process, and some can also repair other faults with your knife including chips.

What is included with a knife sharpening service?

Many knife sharpening providers work just like house cleaning services, meaning that they can come out to your home or place to work at a time that is convenient for you. This is the perfect solution for those who use knives, scissors and other tools as a fundamental part of their job, such as chefs, hairdressers, and pet groomers.

How much does a knife sharpening service cost?

The price of your knife sharpening services will depend on the type and size of blade and the expertise of the professional of your choice. A ballpark estimate of what you can expect to pay for knife sharpening is:

  • Small or medium knife (usually under 16 cm): $10-20
  • Long knife (16<25 cm): $20-35

Additional charges may apply to reshape the bevel or to repair broken tips.

How do I compare knife sharpening services?

  • Competence. It is important to choose a knife sharpening service which is quick and professional and can work with several tools, such as scissors. By doing this,
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