Intrigue of shipping container homes

Yes, I am from a generation when technology virtually did not exist. I barely looked at my store-bought toys, making holidays and birthdays a nightmare for my parents. As a child, my preferred toys were empty boxes and bottles that were discarded in my home. I would play with them for hours upon hours, stacking them one on top of another. There is no doubt that there was a creative individual in the making and that I would end up studying architecture. Now, as an adult in the middle stages of life, I am equally intrigued and entertained by the emerging trend of building with shipping containers. I fear coming full circle and starting to play with my boxes again.

Shipping container homes and buildings have gained traction in the last 10 years as people search for an alternative to traditional building methods and look for recyclable, durable products. Depending on where you live and the weather in your location, these shipping containers can be assembled in configurations that will give you protection from the sun, wind and rain.



There are some limitations to shipping container homes. Many who look into these homes are also searching for smaller homes, alternative sources of power and a smaller carbon footprint. These homes are sometimes built as beach or mountain homes, where, because of their remote locations, they are not subject to conventional building codes or adherence to sewer hookups or power sources. So, many are off-grid.

However, there are many shipping container homes that are being built in existing neighborhoods. Some are accessory structures, such as a “granny pad” or an artist’s studio, but others are built as the main home. Besides having to conform to all the building codes, there are the tectonics of services that have to be dealt with,

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Federal Labor Board Accuses Google Contractor of Shipping Work Overseas to Bust Pittsburgh Union

The National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint this week against HCL America that accuses the Google contractor of violating its employees’ labor rights through a bevy of union-busting tactics. The complaint alleges that the company, a subsidiary of the India-based contracting titan HCL Technologies, illegally pressured its Pittsburgh workforce not to unionize and retaliated against their efforts by partially shifting their jobs overseas.

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Last fall, a group of roughly 80 Google contractors became among the first in the company’s history to unionize after voting to become affiliated with North America’s largest industrial union, United Steelworkers. Following the vote, the labor board alleges that HCL began siphoning off the team’s responsibilities, which included data analysis and machine learning training under a contract with Google, to its employees in Poland.

“Most egregiously, HCL has been eroding its Pittsburgh workforce by brazenly moving work done here to its facility in Krakow, Poland, to retaliate against workers for exercising their right to choose union representation,” Joshua Borden, who serves on the union’s negotiating committee, said in a press release. “Management would rather break the law than negotiate in good faith for a fair contract.”

HCL and Google did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment. The complaint claims that HCL higher-ups violated federal labor laws by threatening to withhold wages and promotions if contractors at Google’s Bakery Square headquarters continued to push for unionization. Management also promised to come down on rule violations more strictly if a union was formed, according to the labor board.

The company allegedly began limiting job training opportunities and instituting periodic “quick check” quizzes for workers in retaliation, per the New York Times. In the year since the vote, employees say more than a dozen positions that belonged to the

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11 stunning shipping container homes

Affordable, eco-friendly and fast to build, shipping container homes offer no end of architectural possibilities. These extra-tough units can be stacked in almost any layout, not to mentioned customised with every luxury amenity under the sun. From metal mansions to stylish industrial retreats, we’ve rounded up the best container residences that think outside the box. Click or scroll on for more…

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The idea of a shipping container home inevitably conjures up images of small, compact residences with little room to stretch out, but this incredible mansion in Colorado has nothing but space. Built by a local firefighter, the stand-out property sprawls over 3,000 square feet, offering five bedrooms, four bathrooms and no end of characterful living areas.

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article

Nine shipping containers were used in the spectacular custom design, with their distinctive corrugated siding proudly displayed across the exterior. We love the bolt of turquoise across the upper storey at the rear of the home, which overlooks the landscaped garden, complete with an upcycled barbecue station.

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if

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Why Bed Bath & Beyond’s Same-Day Shipping Initiative Matters

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Bed Bath said digital orders were up 82% in its most recent quarter, a bright spot in an otherwise choppy report.

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In a calendar already awash in holiday sales news,

Bed Bath & Beyond

announced Tuesday that it would offer same-day delivery. It is another sign that the troubled retailer is looking to up its omnichannel game as part of its turnaround effort.

Bed Bath & Beyond (ticker: BBBY) said its flagship Bed Bath locations and Buybuy Baby stores will offer same-day delivery for a flat-rate fee of $4.99 for orders of more than $39. The company is partnering with Shipt and Instacart, and its products will also be available on these services’ websites.

The move follows the retailer’s offering of contactless curbside and in-store pickup, a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Bed Bath said digital orders were up 82% in its most recent quarter, a bright spot in an otherwise choppy report.

The market appeared less than impressed, sending Bed Bath shares down 2.8% to $14.46 Tuesday morning as the

Dow Jones Industrial Average

traded near the flat line. However, it is an encouraging move from a new management team looking to break with a history of missed opportunities.

Robert W. Baird analyst Peter Benedict, who upgraded Bed Bath to Outperform last week, expects this to be just the first of multiple changes, as the company plans to roll out private brands next year and remodel stores. “While driving store traffic/discovery will require investment, Bed Bath customers seem poised to experience elevated newness in 2021 (and beyond).”

Change is needed, given years of mismanagement that dogged Bed Bath, and caused it to fall behind at a critical time in retail. While challenges remain, the pandemic has provided at least one tailwind, in that people

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