6 ways sliding doors can be used as a design feature

Sliding doors can be used to separate the dining area and add depth to the space. (

Why are sliding doors better than swing doors? They offer functionality and style to make a home unique.

They help to promote natural light. Though they are generally used for the balcony or terrace, they can be used throughout the home as room dividers.

Here are some interesting ways to incorporate sliding doors into the home.

1. Enhance privacy in the dining area

Sliding glass doors are a great way to create a partition between the living room and dining area.

These doors are particularly useful open when hosting dinner parties with large crowds or closed during more formal settings.

These space-saving doors also help to enhance the flow between each room.

Use different coloured glass to add a coherent balance with the rest of the interiors. (MOUS Design)

2. Separate the wet and dry kitchen

Wet and dry kitchens are a common in Malaysia. The dry kitchen is used for light cooking or as a space for food preparation and the wet kitchen is used for heavy cooking that emits grease and smoke.

Installing a sliding glass door between the two areas will distinguish between them and act as a shield to prevent unwanted odours from escaping.

Sliding glass doors can be used to separate two distinct areas of the home, such as this wet and dry kitchen. (MOUS Design)

3. Keep bathrooms sleek and stylish

Regardless if it is small or large, the bathroom could probably benefit from sliding glass doors – whether it is the entrance to a teeny-tiny bathroom or to partition a spacious one.

Sliding glass doors add a stylish element to the bathroom.

Sliding glass doors provide a convenient way to enclose the bathroom. (Pocket Square)
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