Tekken 7 Season 4 adding online improvements, cites chat with Smash Bros.’ Sakurai

Tekken 7’s Season 4 is coming later this fall with improvements to online play, new character moves, and the returning Kunimitsu.

The team at Bandai Namco has had a lot to say and a lot to reveal through the weekend’s Tokyo Game Show. Among the items on the agenda is the future of Tekken 7, which has grand plans for its upcoming Season 4 of content. Tekken 7 players have a lot to look forward to, including all-new moves, a new character, and heavily-requested online improvements.

One of Tekken 7’s biggest criticisms to this point has been its netcode. With COVID-19 forcing many people to stay home, good online play will only become more essential going forward. Series Producer Katsuhiro Harada initially became aware of this back when Season 4 was first revealed. Over the weekend, he went into more details on how the Tekken team is looking to address the netplay issue. Most interestingly, Harada appears to have discussed the netplay issue with another game producer who’s having online play issues of his own, Super Smash Bros. series lead Masahiro Sakurai.

“I spoke recently with Mr. Sakurai who worked on Super Smash Bros. and he showed a keen interest in our conversation about online features,” Harada said. “He even asked me whether he could use what I said about the ratio of wired and wireless players. Well, I did follow-up on it later on Twitter. We have a lot of fighting games here such as Dragon Ball, SoulCalibur, and Tekken. And they’ve sold well over a million copies throughout the world. In particular, Tekken is really strong in Europe, with a strong following in Latin America, Oceania, the Middle East, and the U.S. This allows us to see how players play our games online. When I

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