Xenia plans to spend $54M on capital improvements in next 5 years

Xenia City Council will consider approving a plan for all the city-funded projects to come in the next five years, including about $2 million a year on streets and a new fire station on the west side of town.

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The capital improvement plan has about $54 million of projects and improvements planned throughout the next five years. The city plans to spend about $2.4 million on streets annually, with some of those funds coming from grants, said Assistant City Manager Jared Holloway.

Holloway and City Manager Brent Merriman said conversations about some streets and storm water projects took a back seat in 2020 because of the coronavirus.

The city conducted a pavement condition index study in February 2020. Based on the condition of the streets in Xenia, the city plans for a minimum of $800,000 a year to be spent on rehabilitating roads.

Merriman said the pavement study projects the pavement condition will continue to decline unless the city spends about $2.2 million a year on roads to keep up with repairs. The capital improvement plan says the city will need to come up with “an enhanced funding scheme” that will ensure there will be more money committed to the street fund. Xenia voters rejected a streets levy in 2018.

The state gas tax will bolster the street fund in the future, but the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the revenues for that tax in fiscal year 2020.

The city is continuing to explore other options to keep up with road repairs, according to the capital improvement plan.

Streets projects are also funded through the city’s general fund. The city plan states that over 80% of the planned expenses from the general fund in 2021 will be on infrastructure, like resurfacing Bellbrook Avenue, a

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Sonoma County fire crews dig in, spend the night beating flames back from homes

Firefighters were defending homes in the thickly wooded Los Alamos Road canyon Monday morning, where the Shady fire took hold in Sonoma County as embers from a wind-driven blaze in Napa County pushed west.

Crews were prepared to stay through the night to shield homes, though they had marked some losses.

Leading a strike team from Sonoma County agencies, Sebastopol Fire Battalion Chief Jack Piccinini said they were among the first to start defending homes on Los Alamos Road about 8:30 p.m. as the fire burned south from St. Helena Road.

They had been fighting the Glass fire in Napa County and insisted on being sent to Sonoma County when spot fires from that fire quickly started growing into significant threats to Santa Rosa.

“Our first objective was to get up here and make sure people were getting out,” Piccinini said. “There were a lot of people coming down the mountain as we were coming up.”

His crews helped people get animals into trailers and fixed a flat tire for people stymied as they tried to leave a house on a ridge above the road. Piccinini said the fire was on both sides of the road by the time they helped those people get on their way.

They went from house to house in this densely forested community, defending those they could. Some homes were lost to the flames.

As the fire front pushed south and west toward Highway 12 and the more densely settled floor of Sonoma Valley, Piccinini said his strike team would stay on the road overnight to ensure those homes they had saved remained protected from another spot fire or flare up.

“If we leave the structures too early then we come up and find it’s burned,” Piccinini said. “We can’t leave.”

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$20,000 For A Home Rework, What Would You Spend It On?

There are few things more fun and exciting for a home-owner than taking up a big scale reworking challenge. Each time you do, you’re likely to shake out something new so as to add to your checklist of kitchen design ideas. Consultants in kitchen design have reviewed lifestyle and design tendencies and model building code necessities to be used for academic programs in kitchen transforming and design.

The companies provided embody any or all of the following choices: Residence and interior renovations and this includes installing wallpapers, altering the wall colors, ground improvements, together with wood floors or new tiles. One other essential thing to try this will assist you get your transforming venture going is to look on-line for inspiration.

There are also kitchen towels, place mats, tablecloths, desk runners, coasters, curtains, small space rugs, dishwasher covers and if in case you have your personal residence wallpaper borders that may be placed on the walls in your kitchen. After surveying the room and making notes on the kitchen reworking ideas being steered, it additionally pays to have input from other members of the family.

Whether or not you design garments, kitchens, bogs, furnishings, interiors areas, or architectural buildings, it’s all the same; now you can give express visible expressions to your ideas and create detailed drawings or sketches inside short intervals of time, at the click on of a few buttons.

The deck may be designed to match or complement the remainder of the bathroom décor and might be covered with quarried tile, stone, glass tile, brick, or specially sealed natural wood. Stay tune with us til the very end and study what makes a glass cupboard charming in any dimension or type kitchen.…

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Home Remodeling – Does It Pay to Spend Less?

It pays to spend less whenever you can, right? Well, not necessarily. There are some cases where the “less is more” principle doesn’t work.

Being cheap cuts costs for the moment, but usually cause you to incur additional greater expenses in the long run. That ends up being the antithesis of frugality. In other words, you’re throwing money down the toilet.

Here are a few instances where thriftiness can backfire:

1. Couponing

10% off, free plans, free sink, free toilet, free granite, free $500 upgrade, free, free, free. This is couponing.

Are you saving money? The answer is no. Let me ask you a simple question: Do you know of any store that allows you to walk inside, take something off the shelf, and happily walk out the door with it? Nothing is free. People can’t pay the mortgage, pay the utilities, or put food on the table by giving stuff away for free. You’re paying for it somewhere. The problem is you don’t know where. It’s hidden. That’s dishonest, deceiving, and just plain wrong. Is this the type of person that you trust in your home with your family? Is this the type of person that you trust you’re hard-earned dollars with?

The moment of truth always comes once the job is started and out comes the change orders, ever-increasing demands for cash to “buy materials”, things don’t get done that were promised and materials you thought you were getting are not what’s installed. Worse, you can’t see the work that was done behind the walls – and this is what’s going to get you big time down the round – and boy will it cost you. Of course, the cell phone number of the person who did the work is no longer in service – how convenient! That’s …

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