Trump administration targets diversity hiring by contractors

American companies promising to hire more Black employees in leadership roles and teach their workforce about racism are getting a message from President Donald Trump’s administration: Watch your step if you want to keep doing business with the federal government.

Trump’s Labor Department is using a 55-year-old presidential order spurred by the Civil Rights Movement to scrutinize companies like Microsoft and Wells Fargo over their public commitments to diversity. Government letters sent last week warned both companies against using “discriminatory practices” to meet their goals.

Microsoft has brushed off the warnings, publicly disclosing the government inquiry and defending its plan to boost Black leadership.

But advocates for corporate diversity initiatives worry that more cautious executives will halt or scale back efforts to make their workplaces more inclusive out of fear that a wrong step could jeopardize lucrative public contracts. The agency has oversight over the hiring practices of thousands of federal contractors that employ roughly a quarter of all American workers.

“For tech companies that don’t care about these issues, the pronouncements are a dog whistle that they can carry on discriminating the way they already have,” said Laszlo Bock, an executive who ran Google’s human resources division for more than a decade and now leads software startup Humu.

Bock said those who do care, however, will see Trump’s actions as political “sound and fury” that will be hard to enforce.

“It’s not at all illegal to strive to have a workforce that reflects the makeup of your nation,” Bock said.

Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson’s 1965 order was designed to “adjust the imbalances of hiring that are a legacy of our racist past,” said employment attorney and public contracting expert Daniel Abrahams.

“Trump is turning it around into an instrument of white grievances,” he added.

The president has also

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Coimbatore Corporation fixes fortnightly, monthly targets for contractors

In an effort aimed at expediting the progress of projects taken up under the Smart Cities Mission, the Coimbatore Corporation has fixed fortnightly and monthly targets for contractors.

Corporation Commissioner P. Kumaravel Pandian held a meeting a couple of days ago with engineers, project management consultants and contractors to review the progress in model road, lake development, multi-level car parking and other Smart Cities Mission works.

At the meeting, he asked the contractors to divide the projects into small components to fix targets for each of those components and fortnightly and monthly targets and stick to those to complete the project in time, said Deputy Commissioner S. Madhuranthagi.

Sources that participated in the Monday’s review meeting said the Commissioner had asked the contractors to complete the model road work, taken up on D.B. Road, R.S. Puram, by December 2020.

Likewise, he had asked the contractor executing the multi-level car parking project, again on D.B. Road, by January 2021. Though the contractor had asked for time till June 2021, the Commissioner said it would be better if the revised deadline was January 2021, the sources said.

As for the timeline for projects taken up to beautify and rejuvenate the lakes in the city, the Corporation wanted the contractor to complete the projects taken up at Valangulam, Ukkadam Big Tank (Periyakulam) and Selva Chinthamanai tanks December 2020. The sources said that the Corporation stuck to the deadline though the contractor had asked for an extension by a month or two considering the North-East Monsoon, the sources said.

The Corporation had revised deadline very much keeping in mind the impact of COVID-19 lockdown and the impact of monsoon on the tank work.

Nevertheless, the Corporation stuck to the deadline because it had floated the tender more than two years ago and wanted the

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‘Game changer:’ Trump targets virus tests to blacks, school children, nursing homes, disaster areas

The Trump administration has put a focus on nursing homes, hospices, school children, black colleges, first responders and Native Americans in its expanding effort to distribute for free 150 million coronavirus tests to states.

Mike Pence wearing a suit and tie: President Donald Trump arrives in the Rose Garden with Vice President Mike Pence Monday to speak about coronavirus testing shipments to states.

© Evan Vucci/AP
President Donald Trump arrives in the Rose Garden with Vice President Mike Pence Monday to speak about coronavirus testing shipments to states.

In a coordinated effort capped by Vice President Mike Pence’s hour-long call with 43 governors to finalize the plan, the administration is prioritizing areas where the infections are 5%-10% and first responders.

What’s more, the administration through the Department of Health and Human Services is coordinating needed training for the Abbott BinaxNOW tests.

The new effort won praise from New Jersey’s Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy who told Pence in the Monday roll-out call, “Thank you Mr. Vice President and the whole team, thank you for everything but certainly thanks for today. This is a game changer, we’re proud of the testing regime that we have built with your great partnership with a lot of people in that room.”

Some media reports have claimed that the effort, spelled out Monday, has suffered from coordination hangups.

But Michael Bars, a White House senior communications adviser, said the planning has been in the works since Trump announced the effort in a March Rose Garden event.

“In March, President Trump called for an aggressive private-public partnership to advance testing capabilities in the United States – now six months later we are witnessing this promise in action

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8 Targets To Fulfill While Remodeling And Refurbishing The Home

While home renovations do appear like a sweet dream with all the benefits, they are hard to accomplish. Consider the pitfalls and the problems that could arise besides the large expense involved. Listing what could be the outcome of such an adventure, be better prepared.

Expenses exceed budgets

Prices are always rising and diverse businesses have a variety of rates. While planning, all the features may not be included. Transportation expenses are an example. After work commences, several items get added to the list. Maintain a buffer budget because many homeowners end up spending 35% more than the original estimate.

Noisy environment

If the rectification and installation work takes place around the family in their presence, be prepared for hellish noise all day long. The result would be stressed headaches and headphones are necessary. Identify a part of the home that will be somewhat free of disturbances. Find refuge there during those difficult days with doors and windows closed to keep out noise.

Be prepared for dust and dirt spread around

A great variety of materials would be needed for the refurbishing process and it is certain that a big mess is coming. It is all going to be very dirty until the final cleaning up that the company would be responsible for. Keep the floors and sensitive things covered with cloth and newspaper as far as possible to protect. Furniture and electronics certainly require care.

Unseen issues keep cropping up

Hopefully, accidents will not occur, but hurdles keep appearing. Purchase of particular tiles and plumbing problems and breakages could be some possibilities. While one expects work to be done according to plans, budgets and schedules, they often do not. Expect the unexpected. Being prepared would mean less disappointment. Expenses are forever exceeding plans.

Get ready to be questioned

You …

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