KKK ‘Social Visit’ Cards Left at Joe Biden Supporters’ Homes in Tennessee

Cards describing a “social visit” from the Ku Klux Klan were left at the homes of Joe Biden supporters in Tennessee, intimidating local residents.

Breana Green, of Shelbyville, described how she noticed that a sign showing support for Biden in her neighbor’s yard had been disturbed.

Speaking to WSMV, Green said the yard was littered with a number of “business cards” reportedly belonging to the KKK.

Green believed the cards were left in response to the Biden-Harris yard sign, which also had tire marks indicating it had been run over.

“It’s scary knowing that just supporting a presidential candidate can incite this kind of vandalism,” Green said.

“There is some anxiety that people could be targeted in my family,” she added.

“People in the community could be targeted as well. I just don’t think this should be something that we’re dealing with in 2020.”

Speaking to WPLB, Green described that the cards said how the KKK had paid “a social visit,” with a warning that the next time will be “a business call.”

Green said she feels like the littering of the cards was an act of intimidation by the white supremacist group.

“I can’t imagine the folks in Shelbyville who are people of color, how they are feeling. They must be feeling really scared,” Green said. “And I want to make sure the community comes together to make them feel like they are welcome.”

Another woman told WSMV that the same cards were left at her home and that her Biden-Harris sign had been stolen.

Shelbyville Police confirm that both Biden and Donald Trump signs have been targeted in the area and that KKK material previously appeared in the city in 2016.

Deputy police chief Brian Crews said there is no clear indication of intimidation, but

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Police could visit homes to check people are self-isolating

Police have been given new enforcement powers to use against people refusing to self-isolate. (AP Photo)
Police have been given new enforcement powers to use against people refusing to self-isolate. (AP Photo)

Police could visit people’s homes to check they are self-isolating under new coronavirus laws that come into force on Monday.

As well as tough fines for failure to self-isolate, new local lockdowns and further restrictions are being applied across the UK.

People across England will be legally required to self-isolate from Monday if they test positive for coronavirus or are contacted by the test and trace service.

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If they do not, they risk being hit with new fines starting at £1,000 and increasing up to £10,000 for repeat offenders or serious breaches, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said.

People who test positive for COVID-19 will also be fined if they knowingly provide false information about close contacts to the test and trace service.

The DHSC said police will check compliance in the highest incidence areas and in high-risk groups based on “local intelligence”.

High profile and “egregious” cases of non-compliance will be investigated and prosecuted, while action will be taken on tip-offs from “third parties” about people who have tested positive but are not self-isolating, the DHSC added.

A DHSC spokesman told Yahoo News UK: “Local authorities will focus on the principle of encouraging, educating and supporting self-compliance.

“Where there is clear evidence that someone is not following the rules, the police will determine what follow-up action to take.”

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Under new rules in England, wedding ceremonies will also be restricted to 15 people.

Meanwhile, three more council areas in south Wales will go into local lockdown from 6pm on Monday, the Welsh government has announced.

Neath Port Talbot, Torfaen

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