4 Killer Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

There are few things more fun and exciting for a homeowner than taking on a large scale remodeling project. Kitchen remodeling holds a special place in many people hearts, so read on to gain some great ideas for how you might want to design this crucial space in your home.

Mine Traditional Cultural Influences

A number of popular kitchen remodeling trends from recent years call back to older decorating eras. Ornate French designs filled with grand stone arches, wide open windows, detailed facades and floral patterned everything make offer plenty of kitchen ideas. The traditional English Manor replaces ornate French styling for a stately appearance incorporating high ceilings, drooping chandeliers, glazed cabinets and bright open layouts.

Perhaps the most commonly seen traditional influenced design scheme from the last decade has been the Farmhouse style kitchen. These kitchens rely prominently on the use of wood, metal and stone. They often feature a combination of heavy stone (such as granite) and wooden countertops, burnished metal accents, and appliances such as refrigerators which are hidden away behind antique wooden paneling. Unlike the French and English influences, the traditional Farmhouse style kitchen exudes warmth.

Use Colors!

Most kitchen designs work with a very limited pallet. But when you are coming up with kitchen remodeling ideas it’s important to remember there is nothing forcing you to stick with beiges, browns, blacks and whites.

Incorporating slightly off-neutral colors (such as burnt reds that appear brown and ultra-dark blues which might as well be black) is a good start, but there’s nothing stopping you from going further. Light blues and greens, bright reds and oranges and yellows, accents of purple on your trim … all of these colors can easily find their place in a properly planned kitchen remodeling project.

There’s no need to make your kitchen …

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Top Home Remodeling Projects for a High ROI

If you are looking to add value to your home, be it to make it more perfect your needs or because you have plans to sell it, then you don’t want to invest money in a home remodeling project that has a low return on investment. However, determining what remodeling projects will bring the biggest bang for your buck might be a challenge – especially if you have a limited budget!

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of homeowners looking for ways to give their home’s a new look – but not every upgrade has an ROI worth talking about. Here are some of the top home remodeling projects for garnering a high ROI.

· Landscaping – While not actually a home remodeling project of the building type, research has shown that yards where the lawn is well-maintained and logically laid out can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home and thus, how much you can boost your home’s equity.

· New Roof – Want to get as much as a 105% ROI on a home remodeling project? Then talk to your local roofer about upgrading your home’s roof. While a new roof may not be the sexiest home remodeling project, it is one with a high return!

· Hardwood Floors – These too bring a huge ROI – in fact it is nearly a 100% ROI – perhaps more should you decide to do the work yourself, or happen to discover that underneath those tired carpets you have gorgeous hardwoods just waiting to be refinished.

· Patio or Deck – Boost your living and entertaining space while increasing your home’s value. Choose building materials known for longevity and get more value for your investment.

· Doors – From upgrading the front door to …

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Small Bathroom Remodel Tips

When you do a bathroom remodel on a small bathroom some of the things that you want to make sure that you include is giving it a feeling of being bigger, easier to move around, and having it more functional. To start with, you need to look at the bathroom and determine what specific areas you want to update or change. Then you will need to figure out what updates and changes will fit into your small bathroom remodel budget. Yes, even though you may have a small bathroom it can be expensive. Sometimes just a change in the color of paint will help to change the look of your bathroom. A bigger impact can be made if your budget allows replacing your fixtures and flooring.

When doing a small bathroom remodel one thing that you should do is try to maximize what space you have so you can create an illusion of having more space than there is. Choose paint in a light color such as mint green, baby blue, lilac, etc and pale time for the areas around the shower or sink and for the floor. You can use bright or dark colors for accessories but it is best if you keep the colors light, neutral, and serene.

Another good place to invest some of your small bathroom remodel budget money is in the lighting for the bathroom. To help make your bathroom appear bigger and brighter without taking up space is too used lighting that is recessed into your ceiling or have fixtures mounted above your sink. You can also place a large mirror above your sink. If there is a window in your bathroom use light colored or thin curtains to let in the daylight.

If your bathroom has a large tub, you can free up …

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Great Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

So you’ve decided it’s time to remodel your bathroom – great! But where should you start, and what should be your top priorities? Here’s a few tips to keep in mind to ensure a top quality remodeling job.

Opt for Space

Many bathrooms can feel small and cramped. Sometimes you have to work with the space available. If you have a small space, focus on space-saving designs that will make the room feel light and airy. Consider allowing for enough counter space for two people, even if you have to sacrifice “his and hers” sinks. More people are finding counter space is preferable to a double sink in shared bathrooms. In larger bathrooms, consider putting a privacy wall up to hide the toilet area.

Storage Space

Allowing for proper storage space in your newly remodeled bathroom is essential. Don’t forget to include a place for towels and toiletries in your designs, as well as a medicine cabinet for first aid needs!

Lighting and Ventilation

Shadowy spots in a bathroom are the last thing you want. If not already installed, be sure there is both an overhead light and vanity lighting around your medicine cabinet and mirror areas. Proper ventilation and fans, along with proper lighting, will help reduce mold and mildew growth.

Choose Proper Materials

Classic materials and colors are better in the long run than passing fads that will seem dated in just a few years. Porcelain, granite, and quartz remain popular choices for tile, counter tops, or sinks. Whites, pastels, and lighter earth tones remain the favorite colors. And while shopping for products online has become popular, picking them up or buying them in person is always recommended, so that you can ensure the color and size are exactly what you wanted.

Indulge Yourself a Little

Pick at …

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6 Home Improvement Ideas That Are Perfect for Small Houses

Improving your home is one of the best things you can do for yourself. There are many benefits of this from reviews on UK.collected.reviews.

One of the big deal is that you’re improving the value of your home. By improving your home, you’re also making it comfortable for yourself and your family. However, using the wrong paint could turn visitors off.

Many real estate agents talk about home improvement. They believe that you can create a more convenient space for yourself through the tactics involved. You can exploit different colours and create the illusion you want to live in within your home.

If you want a convenient service, you can invite an interior decorator, tell the agent your budget and the kind of design you want. Although it could be costly, it will be worth it in the end. The following are some of the home improvement ideas you can adopt for the decoration of your home:

1.  Use Cool Neutral Hues While Painting:

An agent had once said that rich colours make a house feel small. Thus, in the context, is that warm colours which include yellow, red, orange, and other dark shades, make rooms seem more closed than they are. For the walls of your home, you can use cool colours to make your house seem bigger. You can also use neutral colours to make your walls look farther away than they actually are.

2.  Use a Large Scale Art to Decorate Your Home:

Spice up your interior with large scale art. There are different art trends that could be hung on your walls. Aside from the aesthetic features art will give your home, it will also make it seem dramatic and exquisite.

3.  Consider Wood Trim in Your Ceilings:

You can explore simple wood …

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6 Tips For Reducing Energy Consumption On Your Air Conditioner

A lot of people are often left in bewilderment by their seemingly outrageous electricity bills. They wonder if electricity companies now cheat people out of their money.

Have you ever wondered the cause of this? There are a myriad of reasons for it. One major cause of this is your Air Conditioning unit. Yes, Air Conditioning units consume so much energy. But not to worry, we’ll share six tips for reducing energy consumption on your air conditioner with you.

A peek through Collected.Reviews would be very beneficial to you too as it contains a lot of information about sustainable energy and fuels providers.

1.     Change Your AC Filters:

Clogged filters in your air conditioner cause it to consume more energy than normal.When filters are blocked, they would require more energy tolet the inflow of air. It doesn’t cost so much to change AC filters. Whenever you notice a peak in the energy consumed, never hesitate to replace your AC filters.

2.     Regular Maintenance Visits:

It is easier to maintain an air conditioner than to get a whole new unit or even repair. Your air conditioner mustn’t be in bad shape before you call the maintenance personnel. Cultivate the habit of scheduling air conditioner maintenance at calculated intervals.

3.     Retrofit:

This is a good way to use your air conditioner optimally without unnecessary electricity costs. Bad or broken down AC units consume more energy than good ones. And, the more AC units get older, the more energy they consume. Instead of spending heavily on getting a brand new unit, you can just change the broken down parts. This is what it means to retrofit.

4.     Make Use Of Smart Thermostats:

Thermostats help you regulate temperature and energy consumption on your air conditioner. Some thermostats operate manually. But if …

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5 Stylish Bathroom Remodel Ideas for the Modern Homes

To spark some creativity in your home, a bathroom needs to be stylish, like adding some proper window treatment or a cozy chair to warm up the bathroom space. Through reviews and feedback sourced from ReveiwsBird.com  we’ve got amazing ideas on how to make your bathroom serious goals in this article.

You might also need the use of apps to help enhance communication between homeowners and contractors. You get some opinions about apps by downloading top apps that will make your project go smoothly. Bathrooms are spaces we use every day, so designing them to suit our taste is important. They can be bright and elegant looking, designed with minimal colors and outstanding furniture. Here are some stylish bathroom remodel ideas for your modern home.

1.  Spa-Like Bathrooms:

There is nothing like having that spa feeling in your bathroom, taking a long relaxing soak in your bathtub. Build your bathroom into a spa-like stress free sanctuary with natural color palettes, natural lights and some minimalist designs with a sense of ease and wellness.

2.  Floors and Walls:

Subway tiles are the biggest trends right now in bathrooms. It’s a simple look but somehow appears to be stylish and sleekly modern and at the same time, it can work with many different decors. Instead of the small square tile we are familiar with, a subway tile is simply a rectangular tile. This tile gives a fresh and relaxing feel especially when used inside a shower. It is available in every color you can think of. This is a stylish idea that can be incorporated into any home bathroom remodel.

3.  Steam Your Cares Away:

Most people enjoy a steam room luxury only when they are staying in a hotel. But in recent times more homeowners are bringing this luxury into …

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Countertop scratch removing techniques

Do you wish to engage in major home repairs, especially in your kitchen? Do you keep getting discouraged due to the nature of your countertop either made of solid surface, laminate, tile or stainless steel? Most people would want to dispose of them and purchase a new one which is a waste of funds; rather you can move the dirt or scratch found on them using these methods.

Solid Surface Counter

Various countertops are made with resin, acrylic and other materials such as Corian. Due to the materials used in making them they are hard but not impermeable to scrapes and dirt.

To remove them, you can apply, with the aid of a wool pad, a white polishing compound on the surface after which you use a countertop wax. You should however, consider buying affordable brands, especially if you are on a budget.


For Laminate countertops, covering burns or fixing gouges is hard to perform except for little issues that can be repaired. You can remove scratches by using laminate repair pastes, especially those with colours that match your countertop, then covering the area with car wax or countertop polish, after which you fix scraping laminate with cement placed on the surface to hold it back in place. For tea or coffee stains, you should visit reviewsbird.co.uk to read reviews of how to use vinegar or baking soda paste with home cleaner.


If yours is made with tiles, then an option would be to buy new tiles and replace the damaged ones. If a replacement is out of the options available to you, you can try placing toothpaste on a clean cloth to wipe and remove any scratch or using epoxy glue to fix cracks with a toothpick or broomstick. Remember to use oil-based paint with matching …

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Is it worth it to learn home design by oneself?

When it comes to learning, there are always several options that an individual can opt for to learn. Learning could be achieved through formal and informal education. Formal education requires learning in the 4 walls of a classroom or through online classes with schools. Informal learning on the other hand could include learning from another professional on-the-job or taking advantage of books, online tutorials, and other means to learn.

If you are wondering if it is worth it to learn home design, then the answer is Yes. This article will discuss some of the reasons why it is worth it to learn about home design by yourself.

You will be independent

One of the reasons why it is worth it to learn home design by yourself is that you will be independent. You will not have to regularly attend classes or be made to believe that the only way you can learn home design is through formal education. You will get to know the importance of using reviews on platforms like US-Reviews as a guide when doing your job that might not be pointed out in your formal education. You will know that you can read Ranunculus flowers delivery services in the US to know about how reliable the platform is, how affordable their pricing is and if they always deliver.

With the independence that will come with learning it by yourself, it will be easier for you to take up new challenges and easily overcome them because you will be inspired and motivated by the fact you have successfully learned on your own.

It is easy to get certification

If you want to get a certification after learning on your own, it is now very easy. There are platforms online that do not emphasize a lot on training but …

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