Austerity measure: Panjab university stops hiring contractors | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: For the first time, Panjab University will not hire contractors for construction and repair works on the campus but engage labour depending upon the job.
This has been decided by the university’s finance department, considering the budget crunch that the institute faces during the financial year 2020-21. It also took a few austerity measures for the teaching department but this is the first cut imposed on the public works department of the campus.
Until last year, the university used to adopt the practice of hiring labour on contract for a year or so, without reviewing the jobs that those workers were required to do. Due to this, the institute ended up paying a hefty amount each time to the contractor concerned. But now, the institute will hire labour after a mandatory review of each project. For every project, the university will also first find out how many days the branch concerned required the engage the labour, and what work those workers will do. This will reduce both the days of engagement and the project cost.
University’s finance department officer Vikram Nayyar said his office had shared the information with all the campus branches. “The basic idea is to cut down the expenditure of various branches,” he said. The construction department has used this formula in some of the projects but now the idea will be applied to all works on the campus, Nayyar has said.
Already the finance department has shared a sevenpoint formula for budget cut with all the university department heads, directors of the regional centres, and principals of the constituent colleges. The finance department imposed a 30% cut on its expenses, which includes a 20% cut in administrative cost and 10% reduction in the repair work. The leave travel concession and home town concession to the employees will remain suspended for the financial year 2020-21.

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