Bristol, Tenn. spent $800,000 less in 2019 than 2018 on private vendors, contractors | Latest Headlines

A vendor the city actually paid less was Gordon Group Investment Limited, a Nashville-based company that administered insurance for the city. It was one of the city’s top paid vendors in 2018 and 2019, the tax filings show. But in 2018, the city paid $473,013, while it paid $256,031 in 2019. Musick said this was because the city stopped retaining the firm’s services partway through 2019.

Solid waste disposal

In 2019, the city paid Eco-Safe Systems, a subsidiary of Advanced Disposal Systems, $96,696 for tipping and solid waste disposal fees it accrued dumping garbage at the company’s landfill in Blountville. It was the vendor the city paid the fourth highest amount in 2019.

The city only started using Eco-Safe’s landfill half way through 2019, after it determined it could save money taking its trash to Eco-Safe instead of Bristol, Virginia’s landfill, which it had used since 1998. Before Bristol Tennessee City Council voted to switch, it was told by the city staff that the change would save the city a net amount of roughly $70,000 a year over the next five years.

Though the city didn’t come close to saving $70,000 on solid waste fees in fiscal year 2019-20, the switch still seems to have paid off. Despite the city dropping off more solid waste in fiscal year 2019-20 than in the previous one, the city paid less to do it. Beavers said in fiscal year 2018-19, when the city was still using Bristol, Virginia’s landfill, it dropped off about 10,294 tons of solid waste and paid $233,050 to do so, but in fiscal year 2019-20, it dropped off about 10,698 tons at Eco-Safe’s landfill and paid $224,661.

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