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Bed Bath & Beyond, J.Jill, Herman Miller, Steelcase and Innovative Industrial Properties

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Chicago, IL – October 9, 2020 – Zacks Value Trader is a podcast hosted weekly by Zacks Stock Strategist Tracey Ryniec. Every week, Tracey will be joined by guests to discuss the hottest investing topics in stocks, bonds and ETFs and how it impacts your life. To listen to the podcast, click here:

Welcome to Episode #209 of the Value Investor Podcast.

Every week, Tracey Ryniec, the editor of Zacks Value Investor portfolio, shares some of her top value investing tips and stock picks.

Every investor wants to find that cheap, secret stock that becomes a superstar but how do you do it?

Stocks can be “hidden” because they’re out of favor on Wall Street and because they are little followed, or not followed at all, by Wall Street analysts.

Not all “hidden” stocks are value stocks. But odds are, if Wall Street isn’t paying attention, then there is likely some value to be found.

Analysts Don’t Cover All Companies

It’s important to recognize that Wall Street only has so many analysts. And with thousands of companies, that means that not every company is going to get the attention it deserves.

Wall Street analysts tend to cover companies in popular industries. They often tend to cover larger companies, as well.

This means some companies will have just one or two covering analysts, but others will have ten or more.

For example, in the retail group, Bed Bath & Beyond BBBY has 9 analysts providing estimates on but J.Jill JILL, the women’s specialty apparel retailer, has just 1 covering analyst on

Recently, one industry, Business Products, has lost its sole covering analyst so there is no longer even a Zacks Rank for those companies.

That means those companies are really going to be “hidden.”

Finding Hidden

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Dine on Design: London’s best-looking restaurants

From Latin American splendour to a chic French corner, London’s most stylish venues put presentation on a par with cuisine.

With a selection of places to eat, drink and feast on fabulous design, we celebrate the spaces that don’t compromise on ingredients or decor.

A glamorous pub conversion, a lower ground fine dining experience and a concept store meets restaurant with a Seventies twist are in the mix.

Whether you are seeking interiors inspiration or fancy a delectable dinner these are the spots to know…

Casa Cruz

Where? On leafy Clarendon Road in Notting Hill.

Design details: The vision of charming restaurateur and designer Juan Santa Cruz, this vibrant haunt is wonderfully glamorous. Cruz left behind a career in finance and business to pursue his passion for hospitality and interiors much to the delight of everyone who visits his super stylish restaurants. The early Victorian property had a previous guise as a pub. The building’s original details stand strong, including the tall, dual aspect window cornices on the upper floors which were spared during the Blitz.

Inside blends the traditional and the contemporary. Copper, a signature of Cruz’s native Argentina, glistens from the moment you enter the two-storey venue. It lines the walls and railings and is offset with infinity mirrors (even in the bathroom) to create a twinkling environment. Seating is a sumptuous emerald green and there is a sunburst design woven into the carpet. Each floor has a statement bar and there is a heated outdoor roof terrace.

This is a place worthy of your favourite new outfit as you sip on a glorious cocktail and savour the beautifully prepared South American and Latin cuisine under the helm of new head chef Gaz Herbert (formerly of Ikoyi). A joy in every

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How 400-year-old Delft tiles became an interior design sensation

What is the item all the young, new-wave interior designers are trying to get their hands on at the moment? Not a limited-edition chair from Milan or a sculptural chandelier, but 400-year-old, hand-painted tiles hailing from the small Dutch city of Delft.

Delft tiles were first produced in the Dutch Golden Age as a response to Chinese blue-and-white glazed porcelain, and have since become instantly recognisable throughout the world for their cobalt blue and white-grey colour. They’ve been exported, replicated and collected by keen-eyed connoisseurs ever since production largely ceased in the 18th century, when cheaper British reproductions put Dutch potters out of business.

Recently, a new generation of makers have been turning their hand to the antiquated craft, with Instagram-savvy crafts people and young interior designers drawn to the pictorial designs.

Authentic antique tiles are identifiable by their greyish-white tin-lead glaze (which was found to be toxic for potters around 1900 and is no longer used) and fine, hand-painted illustrations in cobalt blue, which range from ornate depictions of Dutch life — canal barges or village fetes — to drawings of animals, fruits and, in rare instances, mythical creatures.

Delft tile with wild boar, c1650, from specialist Durk Regts
Delft tile with wild boar, c1650, from specialist Durk Regts
Delft tile with bird of prey, c1640, from specialist Durk Regts
Delft tile with bird of prey, c1640, from specialist Durk Regts

“The ones I love are those painted with little angels or sea monsters,” says Tony Niblock, co-founder of bespoke cupboard maker Plain English. He began collecting the tiles 30 years ago after viewing a Georgian house that had a Delft-clad fireplace and becoming obsessed. He also likes “the really simple drawings of children, and those with a couple of golfers, or missionaries holding crosses up and marching”.

A tracing technique allowed painters to reproduce the same image repeatedly with only very slight variations, creating a system of early mass

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6 Best Bathroom Scales in Australia 2020: From $40

Best bathroom scales in Australia

How did we pick this list?

Our expert team chose the best bathroom scales from a wide range of reputable brands, based on high ratings and an average 70% customer approval rate 4.3 or more from Amazon customers. To help you find the best bathroom scale, we based our findings on design, features and cost. We read hundreds of customer and expert reviews on bathroom scales and came up with the six best for your fitness and weight loss goals.

Read more detail on our methodology below.

Best overall bathroom scale: Withings Body+ Smart Bathroom Scale

Withings Body+ Smart Bathroom Scale

  • Gives you full body analysis
  • Has a companion app for easier tracking
  • Set-up can be tricky for novices
  • Some customers say the body composition percentages are not easy to understand

Price (RRP): $179.95

Buy at AmazonBuy at eBayBuy at Myer

Why we chose it

A bestseller on Amazon with more than 6,000 ratings and an average 4.5 stars, the Withings Body+ bathroom scale is our pick for the best option for most people.

It has 5 out of 5 stars from more than 73% of Amazon customers and is well-liked by experts. This scale does more than weigh your body weight. It also tracks your body composition, giving you an accurate measure of body fat, water percentage, and muscle and bone mass.

The Withings Body+ offers great connectivity via WiFI and Bluetooth, and is great for companion apps. It can store data for up to eight users and it even gives you a weather report for the day.

Best digital bathroom scale: Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

  • Sensitive, accurate readings
  • Customers say it’s durable
  • Limited in function
  • Batteries need replacing frequently

Price (RRP): $60

Buy at AmazonBuy at eBay

Why we chose it

The best digital bathroom scale

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Bathroom budget can choose faucet style

By Ed Del Grande, Tribune News Service
Published 7:36 p.m. ET Oct. 8, 2020

  Dear Ed: I’m running the numbers for my new bathroom and noticed I can choose between a two-handle “widespread” faucet or a “centerset” faucet. Is there big differences between these types of faucets to help me with my choice?

Ted, New York state

Dear Ted: Centerset faucets are deck mounted with 4 inches between handles. Widespread faucets are made up with separate components and space between handles can be about 8 to 16 inches apart. But, the big difference can be the extra costs between installing a widespread bathroom faucet over a centerset faucet. These costs may determine what style you choose.

Some extra costs to be aware of are: Widespread faucets can be more expensive just to purchase the faucet itself. Also, because widespread faucets are sold in separate pieces, labor costs may be higher to install. Finally, special order bathroom sinks or counter tops may be needed. Bottom line: A widespread bathroom faucet can give you design impact, while a centerset faucet can give you savings!

Dear Ed: I am scheduled for a medical procedure in a few months and a taller toilet could help while I recover. Since I need a new toilet anyway, would the higher toilet fit my plumbing, and would this be an issue for other family members?

— Steve, Florida

Dear Steve: Residential comfort height toilets have become popular.

First, I want to point out that the height of most comfort height toilets is about the same as a standard dining room chair. So it’s not a drastic change from a standard toilet, just a couple inches or so higher to make it a little easier

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