Countertop scratch removing techniques

Do you wish to engage in major home repairs, especially in your kitchen? Do you keep getting discouraged due to the nature of your countertop either made of solid surface, laminate, tile or stainless steel? Most people would want to dispose of them and purchase a new one which is a waste of funds; rather you can move the dirt or scratch found on them using these methods.

Solid Surface Counter

Various countertops are made with resin, acrylic and other materials such as Corian. Due to the materials used in making them they are hard but not impermeable to scrapes and dirt.

To remove them, you can apply, with the aid of a wool pad, a white polishing compound on the surface after which you use a countertop wax. You should however, consider buying affordable brands, especially if you are on a budget.


For Laminate countertops, covering burns or fixing gouges is hard to perform except for little issues that can be repaired. You can remove scratches by using laminate repair pastes, especially those with colours that match your countertop, then covering the area with car wax or countertop polish, after which you fix scraping laminate with cement placed on the surface to hold it back in place. For tea or coffee stains, you should visit to read reviews of how to use vinegar or baking soda paste with home cleaner.


If yours is made with tiles, then an option would be to buy new tiles and replace the damaged ones. If a replacement is out of the options available to you, you can try placing toothpaste on a clean cloth to wipe and remove any scratch or using epoxy glue to fix cracks with a toothpick or broomstick. Remember to use oil-based paint with matching colour to cover the glue.

Stainless Steel

When you make use of your stainless steel countertop for long, it will eventually get pale, tinted or scraped. You can use vegetable oil to remove the scrapping, although that would be a difficult task. If it stains you wish to remove, then dish soap and a paste of baking soda will do the job.

Having looked at various countertops and possible materials used in removing stains, here are tips on how to apply them, from baking soda to furniture wax.

Furniture Wax

The items you would need are furniture wax and then a clean cloth. You should purchase wax paste and then apply it to the scratch by using the clean cloth, apply the wax to the entire surface so that the scratch is not detectable.


To remove stains or scratch from laminate countertops you would need to buy laminate filler or paste and a putty knife. The paste or filler should contain the same colour as the laminate and follow the instructions on the paste to remove the blemish or scratch and then allow it to dry for one day after which you can make use of it.

Baking Soda

To use baking soda you need water and a clean cloth. You need to soak the cloth in water and then squeeze the cloth removing water from it, then sprinkle some baking soda on the area then use the wet cloth to clean the area until the scratch removes.

Removing stains and scraping from your countertop would give your kitchen a whole new look that you would find appealing.