East 185th Street renovation and beautification project beginning this month

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – East 185th Street on Cleveland’s east side will undergo an $11.5 million transformation, a two-mile renovation, and beautification with new intersections, crosswalks, and street lights, and a new waterline.

“The whole street will have a newer, more modern appearance and that will appeal to people, bring more people down here,” said Scott Hanson, who’s run Scotti’s Italian Eatery since 1999.

Carole Thompson spends time on East 185th Street and sees the wear and tear on the street.

“The roadway has to be fixed obviously but the storefronts can have a little facelift, just to make it nice…again,” said Thompson. “A community street.”

“All neighborhoods can use a little sprucing up,” echoed Barbara Oliver, who also spends time on the street.

East 185th Street is the border between Euclid and Cleveland with both cities funding the project along with the Ohio Department of Transportation, which will manage it.

“I’m optimistic working with the new administration indicated, Mayor Bibb, that he wants to focus on the ‘Middle Neighborhoods,’ which my area is,” said Cleveland City Councilman Mike Polensek of Ward 8 which encompasses the Collinwood neighborhood. “It’s the areas that are links, outer edge links to the suburbs.”

“The business along the street will — on their own — just fix themselves up, once they see how nice the street it is,” said Hanson, who expects the renovation to help the area.

Councilman Polensek expects the project to take about a year.

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