Easy Steps to Maintain Soapstone For Your Home Renovation Project

If you are looking for distinctive materials to use in your home or office remodel, consider the use of soapstone. Soapstone, which is a metamorphic rock that is made up of magnesium and talc, has wonderful properties making it a superior product for use in soapstone stoves as well as soapstone countertops. There are several qualities found in soapstone that make it particularly easy to maintain through years of regular use.

Soapstone is a non-porous rock. This makes it wonderful for use in soapstone countertops that will be in heavy use in a kitchen or bathroom area of the home. Everyday use of countertops in these living areas means that foods and drinks will spill on them, or water will be splashed on them on a regular basis. With other countertop materials, this can cause the surface to be damaged, but not with soapstone. Liquids simply bead up and roll off of this amazing stone, making it perfectly suitable for soapstone countertops that will be used in rooms where water and other liquids are used. Because the rock is non porous, this also means that the countertop will not harbor bacteria, a big consideration for heavy-use countertops in food production areas in your home.

Another nice plus that comes with soapstone countertops is that they are stain resistant. How many times have you spilled red wine, or blood from a thawed piece of beef, or pomegranate juice and had a permanent mess on your wooden countertop? This mars the surface, and often cannot be repaired. These sorts of common, everyday stains are not a problem with soapstone countertops, because stains do not stick to their surfaces. With these durable counters, you can cook to your heart’s content with no worries about damage that comes from spilled food and drink. In addition, because the soapstone does not stain, you also are relieved of having to buy and then put a sealer on the countertop, saving you money and maintenance chores for the lifetime of the counter.

Staining can also be an issue with a stove. Over time, they tend to get grimy and dingy because of stains from ash and soot building up on their surfaces. This is not the case with soapstone stoves. Because they do not stain, you will always have a fresh and bright surface to look at, both inside and outside the stove. These stoves also conduct head exceptionally well, making them cost-effective for heating your home.

For all these reasons, soapstone is the material of choice for many remodelers who want a new stove or countertop in their home.