Freestanding Bathtubs

A freestanding bathtub could remind you of a traditional claw-footed bathtub. However, these tubs can also fit beautifully into modern bathrooms because of their eye-catching designs and styles. If you are considering renovating or remodeling your bathroom, here are some reasons as to why you should choose this bathtub.

Timeless appeal: The best reason would be their timeless appeal. The freestanding tub especially the claw-footed one, can add a unique style to your bathroom. It could be center of attraction and the 'wow' factor too.

Design: Most of the people believe that these bathtubs are old fashioned. However, they come in such unique styles and patterns that they can fit into any type of bathroom decor. Most of these are usually made of acrylic or cast iron. Acrylic tubs are a bit more expensive and could cost about $ 1100-1500. The cost of cast iron tubs can be a little lesser because they are made of iron and are heavy. The price ranges from $ 900-1100.

When you buy these from online stores you could see a lot of difference in price. However, you may need to check the shipping costs also. If you go to your local stores you can actually get a good idea of ​​the different types of tubs available in the market. Whatever be your home decor, you can find a suitable freestanding tub to match your bathroom design. By adding one of these to your bathroom, you will also be increasing the resale value of your home apart from the luxurious design and style.