Gate at Windsor Siding Park in Melbourne is ineffective

By Sahar Mourad For Daily Mail Australia

03:21 24 Sep 2020, updated 07:25 24 Sep 2020

  • The $1,232 gate was installed at Windsor Siding Park in Melbourne 
  • Gaps in the fence mean children can still easily escape the playground  
  • Stonnington Council said plants will be installed to make the gate useful
  • Ratepayers boss said blunder proved the council was ‘out of touch’ 

A local council has been left embarrassed after images of a newly-installed child safety gate showed how completely useless it is. 

The gate, which cost $1,232, was installed at Windsor Siding Park near Prahran and St Kilda East in Melbourne as part of a $300,000 upgrade by Stonnington Council.

An image of the gate shows it placed next to evenly spaced wooden stakes which revealed the awkward blunder.

The gaps in the makeshift fence mean children can easily escape the playground even if the safety gate is locked. 

The gate which cost $1,232 was installed at Windsor Siding Park in Melbourne as part of a $300,000 upgrade by Stonnington Council

Stonnington Council spokesman Jim Carden said the gate looked ‘odd’ and the issue will be rectified. 

‘Obviously the gaps in the adjoining ”fence” would appear to make the gate a bit redundant, so we have been looking at how to tidy it up without losing what is a nice design,’ he said. 

‘So we are just adding some plants to fill in the gaps.’

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Ratepayers Stonnington president Dean Hurlston said that council workers should have spotted the gate’s uselessness immediately. 

‘Surely council staff or contractors can see the glaring error of judgment,’ he told Herald Sun.

‘It’s another example of council being out of touch with responsible spending and execution of projects.

‘It’s a good concept which has totally failed upon delivery.’

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