Greeneville City Building Permits For March | Public Documents

City building permits issued through the Greeneville Building Inspector’s office in March included:

Paul Meier, $11,000, for an accessory building, at 122 Maplecrest Drive;

David Cox, $8,000, for an accessory building, at $204 Sunrise Drive;

Cline Everhart, $350,000, for an accessory building, at 124 Magnolia Drive;

Dove Construction, $100, for driveway/curb cuts, at 523 Villa Lane;

Heather Easterly, $9,200, for new mechanical, at 241 Jennifer St.;

William and Connie Walsh, $2,000, for fuel gas release, at 801 Jim Fox Road;

Idell Construction Co., Inc., $1,000, for fuel gas release, at 259 Radford Drive;

Idell Construction Co., Inc., $1,000, for fuel gas release, at 257 Radford Drive;

Jerry Thomas, $2,500 for fuel gas release, at 501 W. Irish St.;

Judy Renner, $2,275, for new mechanical, at 326 Juniper St.;

Mike Girard, $13,000, for new mechanical, at 136 Clear Mountain Road;

Jack and Camilla Wheat, $13,000, for new mechanical, at 255 New Hope Road;

Greeneville Housing Authority, $13,460, for new mechanical, at 100 Cox Circle;

Mike Girard, $3,000, for fuel gas release, at 128 Clear Mountain Trail;

Mike Girard, $1,800, for fuel gas release, at 136 Clear Mountain Trail;

Jack and Camilla Wheat, $1,500, for fuel gas release, at 255 New Hope Road;

John Seaton Contracting, LLC, $7,800, for new plumbing, at 143 Patriot Crossing;

William Muhlhahn, $1,800 for new plumbing, at 222 Lake St.;

Jordan Dugger, $4,000, for new plumbing, at 408 Volunteer St.;

Kenny Hartman, $7,800, for new plumbing, at 285 New Hope Road;

Jack Tilson, $56,250, for a pool/spa, at 1004 Martingale Drive;

Abby Cox, $5,855, for replacement windows, at 2025 Fairlawn Drive;

Mark Williams, $40,000, for pavillion, at 120 Hampton Court;

Michael Rhodes, $2,400, for pool fencing, at 110 Wildwood Court;

Harry Bradburn, $24,900, for residentia remodel/addition, at 451 E. Bernard Ave.;

Sherri Cook, $2,500, for pool fence, at 58 Woodbury Circle;

Michael Rhodes, $65,457, for an inground pool, at 110 Wildwood Court;

Sherri Cook, $64,420, for and ingroung pool, at 58 Woodbury Circle;

Doyce R.C. Chandler, 175,000, for a residential addition/remodel;

Josh Propst, $30,000, for kitchen remodel, at 913 Remine Ave.;

Calvin Dunn, $15,000, for new siding/windows and enclosing a porch, at 113 Ashland Drive;

Wes Hope, $75,000, for residential garage, at 105 Monument Ave.;

Jason Reynolds, $8,000, for a pool fence, at 1215 Tanglewood Drive;

Jason Reynolds, $15,000, for a basement remodel, at 1215 Tanglewood Drivea;

Shane Hite, $20,000, for a kitchen and bath remodel, at 306 N. Main St.;

Tamara Reaves, $9,800, for a porch roof, at 1305 Kenny St.

Tynehouse Properties LLC, $48,000, for a residential remodel/addition, at 406 Cypress St.;

Marjorie Gobble, $500, for an accessory storage building, at 313 N. Irish St.;

Brian K. Pugh, $11,200, for a new roof, at 1813 Brentwood Drive;

Michele Young, $6,600, for a new roof, at 929 Forest St.;

Brooke Bowman, $7,500, for a new roof, at 1726 Lafayette St.

American Legion Post No. 64, $7,800, for new plumbing, at 101 Longview Drive;

Greeneville/Greene County Humane Society, $533.45, for a tent, at 400 Rufe Taylor Road;

Brad Ellenburg, $8,850, for a commercial accessory building, at 513 Tusculum Boulevard;

Allen Johnson, $200,000, for interior remodel, at 1923 Snapps Ferry Road;

IC Properties, $1, for grading and drainage,at 1060 W. Andrew Johnson Highway;

La Quesera Mexicana LLC, $250,000, for new mechanical, at 121 Hankins St.;

Brian Click, $60,000, for new mechanical, at 513 N. Main St.;

Dollar Tree No. 383, $17,753, for new mechanical, at 3805 E. Andrew Johnson Highway;

Town of Greeneville, $167,690, for new mechanical, at 945 Carson St.;

Road Runner, $18,000, for new plumbing, at 225 E. Andrew Johnson Highway;

C&C Millwright Maintenance Co., Inc., $98,000, for new plumbing, at 400 N Rufe Taylor Road;

RMM Holding GP, $4,000, for new plumbing, at 2620 E. Andrew Johnson Highway

Dale Brown, $6,558, for a new roof, at 318 Tusculum Boulevard

Greene Developers, LLC, $80, at 825 Tusculum Boulevard;

Billy Broyles, $540, at 827 Tusculum Boulevard;

Rocco Preston, $100, at 1365 E. Andrew Johnson Highway;

Adkins Properties, $570, at 600 Tusculum Boulevard;

615 Asheville Investments LLC, $4,517, at 619 Asheville Highway;

Greeneville LTD Liability, $2,800, at 1513 Andrew Johnson Highway;

JWilhoit Properties LLC, $600, at 2120 E. Andrew Johnson Highway;

Billy Broyles Jr., $150, at 1640 E. Andrew Johnson Highway;

Jankar General Partnership, $2,670, at 712 Professional Plaza;

Todd Davis, $45,000, at 202 E. McKee St.;

BRE Retail, $411, at 1357 Tusculum Boulevard