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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — People’s generosity may have helped change a homeless man’s life forever.

Robert Simpson, a handyman around Louisville, was the subject of a WDRB News story back in July. Simpson said he stood at the Hurstbourne exit off Interstate 64 in Louisville day-in and day-out for a week in the burning sun just trying to get work to get enough money to keep a roof over their head for another night.

Simpson remained on disability, living at the Red Carpet Inn with his girlfriend and her 6-year old son. Someone posted a picture of him to social media, one thing led to another, and he got a job with a home remodeling company.

“He shows up every single morning, early morning shift, and he shows up happy,” said Matt Thomas with Green Star Home Remodeling. “He wanted this opportunity. He wanted this second chance, which everybody in this world deserves.”

The job helped Simpson get on his feet but not out of the one room hotel.

“It’s one big room, and you got three people staying in it,” he said.

But on Friday, Simpson’s living arrangements changed.

“We just wanted to surprise him,” Thomas said. “So we actually told Rob that we were going to lunch today.”

Simpson was all in. But instead of going to lunch, they gave Simpson a second chance: keys to his new home.

“When we gave him the key, he was crying,” Thomas said.

“I never thought I’d move into some place like this,” Simpson added.

Simpson’s new, two-bedroom apartment was fully furnished by Winner Furniture. A GoFundMe page was also set up to help take care of things like dental work and rent.

“Thank y’all so much,” Simpson said.

After a few hours, the apartment was ready, with one last detail. Simpson’s family had no idea it was moving day.

“They going to be in love with this,” Simpson said. “Because they weren’t expecting this at all,”

Thanks to the money raised on GoFundMe, Simpson and his family will not have to worry about rent for at least a year. 

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