Modern Bathroom Vanities or Contemporary Bathroom Vanities- Remodeling Your Bathroom for the Future

If you have not remodeled your bathroom in a few years you may be surprised by the new modern bathroom vanities now available on the market. They have come along way. You can now get your Contemporary bathroom vanities made to look like furniture. It can have all the overlays and detailing of an antique chest. The bathroom sinks that are used for these vanities are the beautifully detailed glass bowls. They add a nice modern look to the bathroom vanity. Some of the new contemporary bathroom vanities have some really neat features. You can make them modern and sleek looking by using a nice gloss laminate. To complete the sleek look you should not have any hardware on the cabinets. Instead use a touch latch; This gives you a very new Modern Bathroom Vanities look. There are also new bathroom vanity design features you can use. To give the contemporary bathroom vanities an updated look try having them made with no toe kick. This will give the appearance of a "floating" bathroom vanity, adding under vanity cabinet lighting is an unique special effect.

Things to Keep in Mind when choosing a modern bathroom vanity

When you are designing your updated bathroom make sure that you keep function in the forefront. It does not matter how nice looking it is, if it does not function for your needs. Bathroom Storage is usually the main issue in bathrooms. If you can, design the bathroom plan with a linen cabinet. The storage that you can get in these is unbelievable. Add some other organizers like towel racks, pullout dirty hamper baskets, all of these are space savers. The next thing to consider is how high you want your contemporary bathroom vanity to be. Usually, if the bathroom is for children the height is 30 ". This makes it easily accessible for them. For adults the modern bathroom vanities are now between 34" and 36 ". This makes it so you do not have to bend over as much .

Types of bathroom vanity materials that you can use

What material you use is also important. It is recommend that your bathroom cabinet boxes are made out of plywood. You are using the cabinetry near water and if you should have a leak, the last thing you want is your bathroom vanity cabinetry to be ruined. Material like particleboard and melamine will warp and expanded if it gets wet. Plywood may be a little more money up front, but if you ever have a leak, you will be glad you paid for it.So, once you have decided to modernize your bathroom, try going for contemporary bathroom vanities. It will be something fresh and new, and on the cutting edge of the design world. If you need help stop by your local cabinet shop, they have lots of brochures and bathroom vanity design ideas.