New Midway Mall owner shares plans for renovation

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) – The latest on the renovation of Sherman’s Midway Mall. The new owner shares his plans for the iconic Texoma destination.

Midway Mall was recently purchased by a Florida-based management group, and the new owner said his plans revolve around preserving the nostalgia of this distinctive Texoma favorite.

News 12 spoke on the phone with Mustard Street Management’s CEO, Ted Filer. Typically his company buys empty retail and department stores to transform them into climate controlled storage. This is his first full mall purchase, and his plans are big.

“For years that’s what people have done just wonder what’s happening to the mall. Some people thought it closed,” said Paul Bates, cell phone accessory stand owner at the mall.

But some set backs may draw out the process, between supply chain delays and millions of dollars of repairs to the building, like replacing carpets, ceiling leaks, and restoring electricity and air conditioning after copper wiring was stolen and left unrepaired years ago.

Paul Bates has seen the decline of the mall since he opened his stand 9 years ago.

“The old owners weren’t very attentive and when somebody left they didn’t try to get anybody new in here, when something broke it wasn’t fixed. And just in the past few weeks there’s been more done than in the past 9 years,” said Bates.

The project is broken up into phases. Phase one is retail, aimed at bringing business back. Phase two, more retail, will hopefully bring in national stores, and if all goes well, the return of the movie theater and food court. The back will hold Mustard Street’s signature storage units. Other potential additions include 3 distribution centers, restaurants, and a hotel and multifamily housing, which Filer directly references to the expansion of Texas Instruments.

Bates said Filer’s transparency with store owners and the community speaks volumes of what’s to come.

“The hotel, the apartments I believe, multifamily apartments, bank, gas station, distribution centers in the back. I really can’t picture it, but I mean I’m excited definitely,” said Bates.

Filer said his goal is to honor the spirit of the Midway Mall in an economically viable way. To lease a space in the mall or to offer feedback, Filer can be reached by calling 561-500-1000 ext. 1.

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