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A polished outdoor screen is the ultimate concealer. It can help you transform any outdoor space in a bona fide oasis with minimal hassle. Even better, it’s an attention-grabbing feature – you can use it to highlight plants or hang fairy lights.

But once you stumble upon the perfect screen, how difficult is it to install? Thankfully, there are privacy screen services that can come to your aid. Here’s everything you need to know.

What privacy screen services are available?

There are plenty of companies out there specialising in privacy screens, as well as landscaping and fencing businesses that offer privacy screen services.

You can purchase the screen directly from them and then have a representative come over to install it. Alternatively, you hire them to build a completely custom privacy screen that fits your needs.

Another way to go is to purchase the privacy screen yourself from a retailer and then hire a handyman to help you set it up. You can use websites like Airtasker or Oneflare to find the right specialist for your gardening project.

What is included with a privacy screen service?

Generally speaking, privacy screen services can include:

  • Privacy screen delivery
  • On-site measurement and assembly service
  • Custom solutions
  • Consulting

How much does a privacy screen cost?

Prices for privacy screens vary greatly based on the materials involved and the dimensions you have in mind. You can find cheap solutions on Amazon for as low as $15-$20/metre. Prices go up if you want a sturdy privacy screen made out of metal panels, brick or wood.

As for privacy screen services, it again depends on the complexity of the project. You can hire a handyman who can install a privacy screen you purchased for as little as $30 or reach out to a landscaping business that offers custom solutions for a significantly higher cost.

Alternatively, you can install the privacy screen yourself if you’re handy and have the right tools available. Privacy screens are usually designed for mounting on an existing fence or a specially made framework. Installing them often involves digging holes and pouring concrete to set the screen securely in place, so make sure you’re up to the task.

How do I compare privacy screen services?

When deciding between privacy screen services, consider the following factors:

  • Complexity. Do you need a basic privacy screen or are you looking to take on a more complex fencing/garden screening project?
  • Time-frame. How fast do you need the privacy screen installed?
  • Reputation. Does the company you’re considering provide testimonials or can you look up online reviews?
  • Cost. Does the screening project fit your budget if you factor in both the cost of the privacy screen and the installation?

How should I prepare for a privacy screen service?

If a custom design is involved, you might have to provide measurements yourself to the company handling the project to get a free quote. Furthermore, in anticipation of the team or handyman’s arrival, make sure the area where the privacy screen will be installed is clean and easily accessible.

What do I need to consider when booking a privacy screen installation?

If you hire a handyman/contractor, make sure they have the equipment and tools they need to get the job done.

Do I need to be at home for a privacy screen installation?

Yes. It’s best to supervise the installation yourself to make sure the end result meets your expectations.

Pros and cons of privacy screen services


  • Save time installing your own screen
  • Get a professional result
  • No need to purchase additional tools


  • Can be more expensive than doing it yourself

Bottom line

Once you decide what type of privacy screen you’re after, finding the right installer is essential. You can rely on their advice and expertise to upgrade your garden design.

Privacy screen frequently asked questions

What privacy screen materials are available?

There are a variety of privacy screens on the market – both fixed and portable. Common materials used for privacy screens include reed, bamboo, wood, plastic and steel.

What privacy screen accessories do I need?

It depends on what kind of screen you purchase, so make sure you read the description carefully to determine if you need any add-ons. Accessories can include ties, hog rings, lacing cord and so on.

Should I install my privacy screens myself or hire a handyman?

If you purchase a basic bamboo privacy screen, for instance, you can install it yourself. For more complex projects, however, you will need the right tools, know-how and safety equipment.

If you’re not particularly handy, hiring someone who is will give you much-needed peace of mind. After all, you don’t want the screen to fall down during a storm and ruin your outdoor furniture.

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