Reimagining the Classic Japanese Tea Bowl for a Zen Bathroom

Reimagining the Classic Japanese Tea Bowl for a Zen Bathroom

Zencha’s freestanding bath, with its balanced and thoughtful design, and reminiscent of a Japanese tea bowl, really steals the show. Image Courtesy of Duravit

To start the day in a relaxed state of mind, it is good to have a natural sense of inner calm, or, failing that, a peaceful space to retreat to where stress can be left outside. In their first collaboration, Duravit and designer Sebastian Herkner transform the bathroom into a place of true well-being – for the restorative cleansing of body, mind and soul. Here, there really is nothing to remind one of everyday life, as the Zencha bathroom series transports us away, paying homage to the traditional tea ceremonies of Japan.

The noteworthy ceramics of the Zencha collection merge with the rest of the bathroom furniture to form a harmonious and unified whole. Image Courtesy of Duravit
Appealing to all the senses

The beautifully shaped countertop basins are designed like classic Japanese tea bowls. The rim curves outwards in a soft movement, the basin itself is slightly bulbous and this elegant effect is further enhanced by the DuraCeram® material. Duravit‘s innovative ceramic enables the design of basins with a filigree shape, while the smooth, glazed surface is pleasing to the touch. In this way, Herkner succeeds in appealing to all the senses in his design of Zencha.

The freestanding bathtub also takes up the tea bowl motif and adopts the special feature of the basins, the finely curved rim. There are two versions of the bathtubs to choose from: A square version that emulates the rounded shape of the basin, and a more elongated version as an alternative option that can be fitted with an air-whirl system if desired.

The finely curved rim of the countertop basins is a central feature of Sebastian Herkner’s special design. Image Courtesy of Duravit
Purist design for any room size

The series is complemented by purist bathroom furniture that creates a special harmony in combination with the organically curved ceramics. The fine frame of the furniture conveys elegance and lightness, and thanks to the modular system, the furniture can be used in a variety of ways, giving architects and planners maximum freedom, regardless of the size of the available bathroom space.

The aesthetic concept of Zencha is rounded off by a mirror that reflects the contours of the ceramic, with a circumferential LED strip serving as a glare-free light source. Herkner utilised only natural materials for the Zencha series, lending it an even and unified overall dynamic while also communicating Duravit‘s commitment to sustainability.

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