Sowing grass in brief

Many people dream of a beautiful lawn in their garden. Most people don’t want to do this with artificial grass, but with real natural grass. This is logical because it looks a lot better. It can therefore be useful to sow your grass, and many people think this is very difficult. It is not, and sowing grass is generally quite easy. There are various times when you can start sowing grass seed. Grass seed does need a minimum temperature of ten degrees; otherwise the seeds will not germinate. This means that there also has to be sufficient moisture in your lawn. The grass seed needs about two weeks to root properly in your lawn. But which grass seeds do you need exactly? In this article, we will discuss this in detail so that you know more about sowing grass seed.

Different types of grass seeds

If you want a nice green lawn, it is important that you buy the right grass seed. There are many different kinds of grass seeds to choose from. There are grass seeds for different purposes and there are several suppliers. For instance, there are special grass seeds for gardens with a lot of walking and for gardens with a lot of small children. There are also special grass seeds for sports lawns and for decorative lawns, among others. If you are planning to buy grass seeds, it is important that you determine the purpose of your lawn. Otherwise, there is a big chance that the lawn will look wrong in no time. 

That is why it is important that you find the ideal supplier. On the internet, you can easily order grass seeds, and you can read a lot of information about the grass seeds. Choose a supplier like Moowy, so you get a clear view on the grass seeds. These grass seeds are also of a high quality and give you a better result.

How do you sow the grass?

Before you start sowing grass seeds, it is important that you prepare the surface well. It is important that you rid the subsoil of weeds and grass, which can easily be done with a grass killer. You can then start digging, and this has to be at least 30 centimetres deep. It depends on the type of grass you want to sow. It is important to show regularly so that you get the best and most beautiful result.