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Sunset Cabinet Refinishing and Painting of Woodstock, GA sees a trend of kitchen remodeling in the near future. Why are people updating their kitchens? The answer is very simple and it has to do with home prices spiraling up now.

Sunset Cabinet Refinishing and Painting of Woodstock, Georgia sees a trend of kitchen remodeling in the near future. Why are people updating their kitchens? The answer is very simple.


Sunset Cabinet Refinishing, shares: “Nationwide, house prices are soaring. It is no different here in the greater Atlanta area. Realtors are even going door to door trying to get new listings promising home owners big money for selling their home. It sounds great in theory. However, a problem many home sellers are contending with is finding a new home to buy afterwards. There are more home buyers in the south than homes for sale. This causes the prices on resales to increase dramatically. So all the money earned on the sale of their old house is needed to buy an even more expensive home. Unfortunately, many find themselves outbid in the process perhaps for even less of a house than they just sold.”


What does this mean for homeowners?


Sunset Cabinet Refinishing continues, “Many homeowners have come to the conclusion to just stay put and just fix up their existing home. Why sell a home they like to only buy a home they don’t enjoy as much and then have to spend money to update it. The only logical thing to do is remodel the current home you love. Since the family and friends spend most of the time in the kitchen it is a great place to start.”



What are some ideas for remodeling kitchens in Woodstock affordably?

  • Cabinet painting is very popular way to update the look of a dated kitchen.
  • Replacing floors with either hardwood, tile, vinyl or engineered flooring.
  • Repaint the entire kitchen walls.
  • Consider updating the counter tops with granite, tile, quartz, laminate and marble.
  • Replace your electrical wall outlet plates with oversized new ones.
  • Swap out your old dated kitchen lights with modern looking fixtures.
  • Consider setting up a patio and an outdoor kitchen so you can enjoy entertaining all year round.

Sunset Cabinet Refinishing & Painting
concludes, “Finally, look through interior decorating magazines and websites like pinterest for ideas. Then contact a kitchen remodeler or cabinet painter near you.”

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