Shopping For Kitchen Rugs? Benefits of Using Canvas Rugs

There are many options when considering kitchen rugs but if the idea of ​​canvas rugs hasn't crossed your mind, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn the many benefits rugs made from canvas … especially in the kitchen.


Interior decorators and home owners utilize kitchen rugs made of canvas for several reasons. Primarily, canvas rugs, also referred to as canvas floor cloths, are extremely easy to maintain. A simple damp mop or rag cleans up spills of food and drink in a jiffy. There is little risk of staining when a protective varnish has been applied. And because the canvas is a tight weave material, with an added varnished finish, neither food particles nor dirt collect underneath.


As the kitchen often receives the highest foot (and paw) traffic, kitchen rugs need to be strong and durable. Canvas rugs can withstand excessive wear due to the durability of the canvas material. And if constructed well with sewn hems as opposed to glue, will hold up extremely well.

Low Threshold

Yet another benefit of using canvas floor cloths as kitchen rugs is their low threshold; placed below kitchen cabinet doors or at entry doors, a canvas rug lays low and flat so as not to bunch up or get in the way.

Furry Family Members

Whether placed at a kitchen door, at the kitchen sink or under a kitchen table, canvas rugs are ideal for a well used room. For the 'paws' in the family, a smaller rug under a feeding or water bowl can really come in handy at keeping things neat and tidy.

Design for Your Decor

Yet another benefit with canvas rugs as kitchen rugs is the versatility in the design one can incorporate. If you search online for "canvas rugs" you'll find a plethora of websites …

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