Can city contractors fly political flags at construction sites?


Asked about recent reports of political flags being flown at street construction sites, local governments say it’s contractors’ constitutional right to do so.

Readers have recently reported the presence of Donald Trump flags at street construction sites in both Sioux Falls and Lennox, and asked if there were any regulations around political displays from contractors doing work paid for by local government.

While there was no sign of the Trump flag previously spotted near the intersection of West 41st Street and South Western Avenue on Monday, representatives of both cities said even if there were, there’s no issue.

BryAnn Becker Knecht, a spokesperson for Sioux Falls, said “It is not the practice of the City of Sioux Falls to intrude upon the constitutional rights of any entity or individual with whom it contracts.”

And Nathan Vander Plaats, the city administrator of Lennox said there was no ordinance prohibiting contractors from displaying a political flag either.

“Anybody is free to speak their mind on political matters,” he said.

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Allentown City Council votes down Atiyeh rezoning for 200 homes on former industrial site

For now, a 21-acre former industrial site in Allentown’s Union Terrace neighborhood will remain undeveloped.

diagram, map: A map of the Union Terrace tracts Abe Atiyeh and Stephen Rohrbach are requesting Allentown rezone for medium-density residential development.

© Courtesy of Urban Research & Development Corp./The Morning Call/TNS
A map of the Union Terrace tracts Abe Atiyeh and Stephen Rohrbach are requesting Allentown rezone for medium-density residential development.

City Council on Wednesday night voted down a rezoning request for the two parcels that comprise the site where Abe Atiyeh and Stephen Rohrbach had planned to build up to 200 homes. The developers argued that rezoning the land for medium-density residential development would be more productive than the current parkland zoning.


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The site includes a former quarry that has since been filled in, and contamination precludes the city from developing the land into a park. Allentown planning staff had said housing would be a more viable use.

But City Council rejected the zoning change in a vote of 5-2, citing concerns that it would allow too many homes, resulting in too much traffic and issues for the already overcrowded Union Terrace Elementary School.

Several council members considered postponing the vote until completion of the city’s Vision 2030 plan, which calls for updating the city’s zoning. But since that could take more than a year, they proceeded with the vote.

Council President Daryl Hendricks voted “no” along with Candida Affa, Ce-Ce Gerlach, Joshua Siegel and Ed Zucal. Julio Guridy and Cynthia Mota were in favor of the project.

“It’s a hard decision,” said Affa, who was initially in favor of a project that would create affordable housing and generate taxes. But she switched after hearing others’ concerns.

“I don’t see too much of a downside. The houses look lovely. It’s affordable, and the fact that if they do start building shortly they can get these low-interest mortgages,” she said.

Zucal said if the

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NYC Handyman: Providing quality services for all household projects across New York City and Brooklyn

NYC Handyman: Providing quality services for all household projects across New York City and Brooklyn

Get a crew of skilled craftsmen for residential improvement projects through NYC handyman for reasonable rates and high-quality services.

From major home improvement to basic handyman projects, NYC handyman services are the solution for everything. Say goodbye to pesky delayed projects or nagging home repairs hanging over one’s head. An NYC handyman can take care of everything from custom building, remodelling, and repairing with excellent craftsmanship and customer service.

Through their competitive and affordable service, NYC handyman offers technicians that include plumbers, carpenters, painters, as well as electricians all in one go, completely erasing the need to contact several agencies for a variety of house repairs. Their team is extremely qualified and available 24/7 to help residential households as well as businesses in dealing with issues such as professional cleaning, renovations, painting, drywall repair, furniture assembly as well as any problems that require urgent electrical and plumbing assistance. Even if small maintenance or repair is required for a house, plaza, building, or office, NYC handyman services are the way to go.

The inspirational driving force behind NYC handyman was the assessment of difficulties one has to face while searching for a professional technician especially for jobs that require immediate attention. For a very long time, handymen have been approached through word-of-mouth, or through contacts from a specific community or hardware store nearby, making it difficult for the masses to adopt a lifestyle where approaching handymen would be possible through a click of a button. Furthermore, most of these resources would not mature to be reliable or reasonable hence, NYC Handyman services became an integral part of New York.       

NYC handyman claims to be the best in the business, with its main focus on delivering a guaranteed satisfying experience to its customers for an affordable price. The handyman service team works

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Bone Simple Design’s Long Island City Studio Is Swimming in Color (And Bright Lighting Ideas)

colorful linene shadesPin It
Photography by Dana Gallagher

The 100-year-old industrial building in Long Island City that’s now home to lighting studio Bone Simple Design has a serendipitous pedigree. It was formerly the place where luxury fabric house Scalamandré dyed its textiles. “It’s bizarre but amazing that we’re doing the same thing in the space today,” says Chad Jacobs, Bone Simple’s founder and designer. 

Dip-dyeing and painting large rope pendants and using shibori-inspired methods to spice up plain linen shades is a fairly new venture for Jacobs, who began producing his line of custom lighting in 1993. This winter, before shutting down work for a month due to COVID-19, he completed 15 five-foot-tall string fixtures for a hotel in the Bahamas by MR Architecture. The cord was plunged into a vat of golden yellow dye before completion. “For me, lighting is obviously about light, but it’s also about texture,” says Jacobs. “I’m not a big fan of the bare bulb look.” Ahead, the designer gives us a peek behind the scenes and reveals how he’s been making a splash this year with color. 

white cage pendantPin It
Photography by Dana Gallagher

In the 5,000-square-foot, first-floor space, Jacobs is joined by seven employees, most of whom come from art backgrounds. Together they work on everything by hand, with the exception of the metal plating and powder-coated frames. When Jacobs originally moved into the studio, he specified to the building where to place the junction boxes so he could suspend the fixtures all over the place. Most are operable so that the team has a bright spot to work; others, like the massive hanging white cage pendant lamp (pictured above), are on display for visiting clients.

In this scenario, the dramatic piece hangs extra low to the ground so you can really get a sense of its impressive dome shape.

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City of Corpus Christi Agrees to Invest in Water Infrastructure Improvements | U.S. EPA News Releases

News Releases from HeadquartersEnforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA)

The City Will Eliminate Sanitary Sewer System Overflows and Illegal Discharges


WASHINGTON (September 25, 2020) — Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a settlement with the City of Corpus Christi to improve its sewer system, which, with more than 1,100 miles of sewer lines and more than 100 lift stations, is one of the largest sewer systems in Texas.

Under the settlement, the City has agreed to implement a comprehensive set of corrective measures and improvements to the City’s sewer system to resolve longstanding problems with sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). An SSO occurs when sewage is released from a municipal sanitary sewer before it reaches the treatment works and can be caused by broken pipes or backups from blockages or infiltration of rainwater. The City also has agreed to pay a civil penalty of $1.136 million which will be shared equally with the State of Texas.

“EPA and the State of Texas worked alongside the City of Corpus Christi to develop a comprehensive solution to protect water quality,” said Susan Bodine, EPA Assistant Administrator for the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. “Today’s settlement benefits Corpus Christi residents and the environment by ensuring the City will upgrade their facilities to eliminate future violations.”  

The consent decree requires Corpus Christi to prioritize cleaning and evaluating the condition of sewer lines in locations that have historically experienced SSOs, comprising an area of roughly 40% of the entire sewer system. This will be completed within the first four years of the consent decree. In these areas, sewer blockages caused by the buildup of grease and debris and sewer line defects have led to SSOs. The City has also agreed to conduct cleaning and sewer assessments in the remaining portions of

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