Glass Fire: Live maps, evacuation information and road closures

Some evacuation orders in Santa Rosa and Calistoga have been downgraded to warnings.

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. — Every firefighter who could work came to work and most are still out there, Santa Rosa Fire Chief Tony Gossner said during a press conference Tuesday. 

As firefighters that haven’t slept since Sunday, worked to protect homes and mop up hot spots, homeowners like Leo Sheerin are breathing a sigh of relief.

“I don’t know I guess it’s God’s grace that we still have a house to live in,” Sheerin said. “So many people lost their homes.”

He stayed behind during evacuations, just like he did during the Tubbs Fire in 2017.

“No, you can’t sleep during that when you see that whole ridge across burning,” Sheerin said. “No, you’re not going to get any sleep knowing how fast it moves.”

Meanwhile, many Santa Rosa homeowners that did chose to evacuate on Sunday returned on foot to check on their homes two days later.

Eighty structures, described by Cal Fire as “single-family residences” have been destroyed across two counties, as 28 of those structures are in Sonoma County.

“Seeing it standing is kind of important, but we’re just thankful we’re still alive!” Karen Jones, an evacuee said.

Jones and her family came back to pull out valuables, basic essentials and even something for their dog.

“He wouldn’t leave the house without the dog bed!” she said.

Still, she says her family has become all too familiar with evacuations like these that continue to happen, year after year.

“California has had a lot of stuff happen in the last couple of years and it’s just unfortunate that it keeps happening,” she said. “It’s just like, how much more can one state take?”

Jones is hopeful her home will be ok, this time around, even

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