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“I wanted us to come home to simplicity and peace, a place that is both elegant and timeless,” she says.

For a couple who loves to entertain and socialize, living in a small, gated community of close-knit neighbors, the kitchen naturally became a focal point of a phased remodel that includes a Step Inside first: a baby grand piano in the kitchen for anyone whose appetite includes a little Elton John with their wine.

“It is the epicenter of every party,” Herman says. “No matter how many guests attend our soirees, they all seem to hover around that island.”

With that in mind, the design consultant removed the much smaller two-tiered island and its large built-in awning and replaced it with the simple but ample, front-and-center serving island you see today.

“The kitchen is light and airy now,” Herman says. “I love the beautiful quartzite countertops and backsplash.”

For social gatherings of a more intimate nature, she designed a dining room in white that expresses every texture, every shape, and every mood. Inspired by Europe and a hotel bar ceiling that wowed her, Herman cross-pollinated design elements with the room’s drapery panels and mimicked them in the applied moldings of the architecturally inspired ceiling design. That ceiling design then found further artistic expression in the pastel-colored cut glass diamonds that hang on ribbons of silk from the chandelier. The overall effect catches the shimmering light of the setting sun in a room that makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

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Using a Home Renovation Consultant

Many homeowners are anxious and overwhelmed when it comes to home remodeling or renovation. Indeed, even those who have been through the process before can be wary of tackling another one. A home renovation can put a stable a marriage to the test and turn best friends against each other.

It is for these reasons that a new trend is developing: hiring a home renovation consultant also known as a remodeling coach. Once it was only multimillion dollar renovation projects that would hire a project manager or consultant to oversee the process but now with a plethora of finish and product choices, stiffer building and zoning codes, demanding work schedules, family and personal commitments, and the shear volume of decisions that must be made, it is often necessary to involve an expert as the homeowner's advocate or agent.

As the homeowner's agent the interest of the renovation consultant and homeowner are aligned. Home renovation consultants become the eyes and ears of the homeowner. While the homeowners are busy with their normal lives, the renovation consultant is monitoring the process, organizing and prioritizing decisions and filtering information so that the homeowner is able to concentrate on important issues and decisions.

From the designer to the plumber everyone involved in the project feels that their job is the most important and can overwhelm the homeowner by presenting too many options and asking too many questions that all seem important to answer immediately. A renovation consultant can cut this chatter down to a manageable stream and help the homeowner concentrate on the elements that will keep the project moving along as efficiently as possible.

A renovation consultant's services can be tailored to meet the needs of the homeowner's. Some homeowners may need a consultant in the early stage of the project just to …

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