10 Ideas to De-Clutter Your Home Pre-Festive Season

Every year before the festive season arrives, we commit ourselves to deep cleaning our homes. It’s a bittersweet task which includes us sorting through some prized and not so prized possessions. We almost always tend to keep more than we need. The lockdown has made us take a hard look at ourselves and nudged us to question our hoarding patterns- not only to enhance the aesthetics but also to de-clutter our mental space.

Pritika Singh, founder of Mohh, a design-first furnishing venture, said, “De-cluttering is an essential way to prepare and cleanse your home for the upcoming festive season. It’s a two-pronged approach: to identify the items you no longer need/use and procuring fuss-free storage solutions to tidy up all the messy nooks and corners. The simple act of de-cluttering can breathe new life into your home, make it seem more open and even afford you greater mental peace when you look around your home as you’re not accosted with material things in every corner.”

Pritika lists down 10 ways to de-clutter your home and get it ready for the upcoming festive season:

 1.      Ask yourself the hard questions
Have I used this specific object in the past one year? If not, then chances are you won’t in the coming future either.

2.      Quit the ‘you never know’ attitude
If you don’t foresee yourself utilising a particular object in the coming 6 months definitively, then it’s time to bid it adieu. 

3.      Have distinctive high traffic and low traffic areas in your house
High traffic areas should be minimal with an easy grab-and-go flow for your everyday essentials. Low traffic areas can be as beautiful as they are useful.

4.      Compartmentalise
Convenient sections everywhere not only help to identify things which are useful, but also make every space easy on

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