12 ideas to decorate plain walls with stickers

There are many ways to enhance your walls and give it a character instead of keeping it plain and boring. Wall stickers are one of the easiest ways to spruce up your room. Not only are there numerous designs options when it comes to wall stickers, they are also easy to put on and take off, perfect if you live in a rental apartment.

Here are some fun ways to add a unique touch to your walls.

For your work station: Your work station and your desk is where you spend most part of your day. Hence, it is important that you feel motivated and inspired to bring out your best efforts.

Shop: How to decorate your walls with wall stickers

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Shop: How to decorate your walls with wall stickers

Shop: How to decorate your walls with wall stickers

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For your kitchen: Contrary to popular beliefs, your kitchen can also do with a bit of colour and design. Stickers are a great way to make your kitchen fun and unique.

Shop: How to decorate your walls with wall stickers

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Shop: How to decorate your walls with wall stickers

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Shop: How to decorate your walls with wall stickers

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For you kids’ room: Don’t be afraid to add lots of colours in your kids’ room as they love colour. Stickers are also a great way

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10 Tips and ideas to decorate your abode with Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design is all about simplicity, functionality and minimalism. Rooms should have a cosy and warm vibe along with an elegant look. So, here’s how can you turn your abode into a Scandinavian home.

Adorning your house with a Scandinavian design is about showing minimalism, functionality and simplicity. This decoration style got generally popular during the 20th century, and now-a-days, it is highly in trend for home décor.

As it’s already mentioned, this home décor theme is all about simplicity, so minimalists would love to opt for this style. They want to keep everything simple and like functionality in home décor items. So, they can definitely decorate their abode with this. Hence, here are some tips for it.

Here’s how to decorate your abode with Scandinavian design:

1.When it comes to buying furniture for this particular design, mid-century modern furniture is the right one. It is simple with clean lines and natural shades which showcase the choice of a minimalist. So, mid-century furniture is perfect for the Scandinavian home.

2.Scandinavian home is all about the warm and cosy vibe. So, create that environment with all warm textiles of wool or mohair. This is specifically perfect for a Scandinavian living room where you will impress your guests and make them feel comfortable with the cosy vibe.


3.You have to choose simple accents for your rooms to incorporate the Scandinavian look. For example, you can bring an elegant ceramic vase for the living room to use as an accent. And for the couch pillows opt for geometric prints.

4.Scandinavian design style allows you to incorporate both wooden and metallic finishes. For instance, you can opt for a wooden coffee table and chairs along with copper scones and brass pendants for it.

5.Bring some indoor flower plants for your Scandinavian house as fresh

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3 Tips to Decorate Your Kitchen on a Budget

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Los Angeles, CA ( TS Newswire ) — 30 Sep 2020

Over time, you may get tired of the same, old look of your kitchen. You should know that decorating your kitchen doesn’t need a lot of spending. With a modest budget, these 3 simple ideas will freshen up your kitchen space in a heartbeat.

Why Should You Decorate Your Kitchen?

There are several advantages to decorating your kitchen, namely:

  • Kitchen decoration projects take less time and effort than renovation projects.
  • A newly decorated kitchen is a cheaper way to give your home a fresh look.
  • Decorated kitchens inspire and invigorate the home cook, which means more delicious meals.

3 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen on a Budget

If you want to keep expenses at a minimum, consider these 3 budget-friendly ways to decorate your kitchen:

Use Ceiling Tiles

If you’re tired of looking up at that old, boring ceiling, then try redesigning your ceiling with ceiling tiles. This budget-friendly home decor solution comes in a variety of styles and patterns, such as modern and vintage designs, plain or patterned finishes. Some ceiling tiles, such as the styrofoam tiles, can also be painted to the colour of your choice, so you can customize the look of your kitchen even further. You can also consider using a 3D wall panel to further elevate the kitchen design.

Apply Finishing on Your Cabinets

Applying stain and finish to your cabinets will give your kitchen a fresh look. Cabinet finishes accent the natural look of wood and also protect your cabinet materials.

You can also go with cabinet stains.They bring out the intrinsic beauty of your wood. If you want a lighter look

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Decorate Your Bathroom Mexican Style

Your Mexican style bathroom is bold and colorful. It is inviting and makes you feel happy. You can have your Mexican style bathroom with just a few decorator items and bright bathroom towels all the way to a whole new vanity and new saltillo tile floors. Lets start with the whole bathroom remodel and work our way up to bathroom accessories Mexican style.

The Mexican bathroom floor. Never carpet. Mexican saltillo tile or a glazed Mexican tile will give you the most authentic Mexican bathroom floor. Saltillo tile in a range of terracotta colors to manganese, a rich brown color. Saltillo tiles are made in a variety of shapes. What you see most are squares, six, twelve and sixteen inch. Then there are rounded patterned ones. You can do your bathroom floor overall with one tile or you can create a tile rug using several shapes or sizes of tile.

How to create your Mexican tile rug. Use the twelve or sixteen inch squares on the entire bathroom floor except where you are placing the rug. Then make a border using smaller tiles. These can be broken pieces, colored tiles, patterned tiles or just the small saltillo tile. Then fill the center with the six-inch Mexican saltillo tiles set on a diagonal. For inspiration look at the designs on area rugs.

Mexican style bathroom walls. Paint or tile your walls in bright colors.
(Keep in mind you still have to put on make up and want to complement your pretty skin when choosing your colors). A great way to get that Mexican style is to paint a bold stripe in a chili pepper red or Tucson teal at chair rail height all the way around the room. Paint a lighter color on top and another bold color on the bottom …

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Dining Nook Set – A Few Creative Ideas to Decorate it With the Rest of Your Kitchen

The dining nook set is known to be the one of the most utilized rooms in every home. This is for the fact that most of the people inside every home gather up and you want to of course let it have an appeal that would reflect your personality. And there are lots of decorating ideas that you can do to make it look better all the time.

The centerpiece of the whole set, plus the chairs and table are the primary things you should consider to create that perfect look. You can be able to make a huge decorating statement with just properly selecting your dining nook set.

This means that if you select a dining nook set that is made up of wooden tables and benches, then you are opting for a country styled home. If you choose the aluminum material or glass types, then you surely want a modern look for a home. Whatever type of furniture you settle for, it is important that it will match the rest of the look of your kitchen, in terms of your appliances and cabinets.

Along with the materials, the color also plays a huge role to the decorating touches. Lots of dining nook set comes with backs of the chair painted in an interesting color. The right color choice can really bring some subtlety in your countertops and other kitchen sections. There are even some kitchens that have tables made up of tile borders or a few painted designs which go through lamination to add extra colors to the room.

If you are the type who does not like the idea of tiles and stencils, then you have the option to leave your furniture items alone and just dress things up by adding placemats or cushions. This is perfect …

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