Shops and homes devastated by floods in Italy’s Ventimiglia [Video]



1. Wide shot people clearing up in front of a supermarket with damage estimated at 60,000 euros by the owner2. Mid shot muddy road in front of a flooded supermarket3. Pan left inhabitants clearing the ground4. Mid shot person next to a disaster-stricken house

5. SOUNDBITE 1 – Alessio Rizzu, shopkeeper at the Ventimiglia market (male, French, 10 sec): “Look, it’s quite a disaster, I have a lot of goods to throw away and for the whole market it’s the same. It’s a disaster.”

“Regarde, c’est tout un désastre, j’ai plein de marchandises à jeter et pour tout le marché c’est pareil. C’est un désastre.”

6. Cutaway: Close-up floor being cleaned

7. Wide shot shopkeepers cleaning up their shops

8. SOUNDBITE 2 – Davide Voarino, manager of a jewellery shop in Ventimiglia (male, Italian, 18 sec): “We’ve had the river flooded a few times, but something like this I’ve never seen, ever. Only old people can remember something like that, something that happened sixty years ago, but not even like that.”

9. Cutaway: Wide shot from the banks of the Roya River, which overflowed on Friday 2 October 2020

10. Wide shot volunteers cleaning up the city of Ventimiglia

///———————————————————–AFP TEXT STORY:

newseriesFrance, Italy step up rescue efforts after floods By Chloe Fabre with Vincenzo Pinto in Garessio, Italy


ATTENTION – ADDS second French death ///Saint-Martin-Vesubie, France, Oct 4, 2020 (AFP) – French and Italian rescue services stepped up search efforts on Sunday after floods cut off several villages in the mountainous border regions, causing widespread damage and killing four people.Eight people remained unaccounted for on the French side of the border after storms, torrential rain and flash floods battered the area, washing away roads and houses, cutting off entire villages and

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