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More and more homeowners are adding value to their properties by creating fun, practical, and inviting outdoor spaces. Porches, patios, fire pits, flower gardens, and children’s playsets all draw people outside.

When you’re thinking about these outdoor spaces, don’t forget about your home’s exterior as part of your design plans. It might not be the first thing you think about, but no matter what modification you’ll be making to your outdoor space, your home’s exterior will serve as the backdrop. So, the colors, textures, and materials of your roof, gutters, siding, and doors should not just be there to protect your home, but look amazing and bump your curb appeal.

Here are a few of those exterior features you should keep in mind, and how the pros at Greenawalt can help you build the home exterior of your dreams to make you fall in love with your home again – from the outside-in.


Having a properly installed roof of quality materials and an outstanding warranty from a reputable company guarantees your home will weather the elements year round, and for decades to come.

Greenawalt is that company. With the most popular brand of shingles they carry, CertainTeed’s Landmark® line, you get a high-quality, heavy product backed by both a manufacturer’s warranty and a craftsmanship warranty with Greenawalt’s installation.

The Landmark® line also comes in a variety of colorful combinations from greys, light browns, blues or greens…just about any color! Since your roof is such a large portion of the exterior, selecting the right style and color is key to maximizing your home’s curb appeal and complementing your outdoor spaces.

But Greenawalt is more than just roofs! They also install gutters, siding, and doors.


If your gutters and downspouts aren’t performing properly, rainwater will run off the roof and

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6 ways sliding doors can be used as a design feature

Sliding doors can be used to separate the dining area and add depth to the space. (

Why are sliding doors better than swing doors? They offer functionality and style to make a home unique.

They help to promote natural light. Though they are generally used for the balcony or terrace, they can be used throughout the home as room dividers.

Here are some interesting ways to incorporate sliding doors into the home.

1. Enhance privacy in the dining area

Sliding glass doors are a great way to create a partition between the living room and dining area.

These doors are particularly useful open when hosting dinner parties with large crowds or closed during more formal settings.

These space-saving doors also help to enhance the flow between each room.

Use different coloured glass to add a coherent balance with the rest of the interiors. (MOUS Design)

2. Separate the wet and dry kitchen

Wet and dry kitchens are a common in Malaysia. The dry kitchen is used for light cooking or as a space for food preparation and the wet kitchen is used for heavy cooking that emits grease and smoke.

Installing a sliding glass door between the two areas will distinguish between them and act as a shield to prevent unwanted odours from escaping.

Sliding glass doors can be used to separate two distinct areas of the home, such as this wet and dry kitchen. (MOUS Design)

3. Keep bathrooms sleek and stylish

Regardless if it is small or large, the bathroom could probably benefit from sliding glass doors – whether it is the entrance to a teeny-tiny bathroom or to partition a spacious one.

Sliding glass doors add a stylish element to the bathroom.

Sliding glass doors provide a convenient way to enclose the bathroom. (Pocket Square)
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Demand for homes in Nashville area has Realtors knocking on doors

Strangers are knocking on doors and calling phones across the Nashville region, but they aren’t selling anything. They want to buy something — your house.

Architect Darrell L. Hayes is building Habitat for Humanity’s first townhouse complex



Realtors under pressure to find homes for clients who are ready to buy are looking for homeowners who are ready to sell. The problem is, there simply aren’t enough homes for sale to meet demand.

“The market continues to get tighter and tighter and tighter,” said Keller Williams Realtor Roger Poulin, who recently spent an afternoon knocking on doors in East Nashville’s Lockeland Springs neighborhood.

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“Half the people I talked with told me, ‘You’re about the 50th person who’s knocked on my door,’” he said. “It’s a trend.”

The problem is simple arithmetic. During the first half of last year, 23,477 homes were actively listed for sale in the multi-county region. This year, there were 20,809. There were 2,668 fewer homes on the market, said Ryan Turbeville, a Realtor with the Ashton Group of RE/MAX Advantage.

a modern kitchen with an island in the middle of a room: This house at 1101 Ozark St. is priced at $975,000. Realtor Roger Poulin has the listing. The house has an open floor plan with five bedrooms and five baths.

© Courtesy of Keller Williams
This house at 1101 Ozark St. is priced at $975,000. Realtor Roger Poulin has the listing. The house has an open floor plan with five bedrooms and five baths.

With fewer choices on the market, Realtors have to get creative.


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“A lot of it’s old school, door knocking, that sort of thing. It still works,” said Turbeville.

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COVID-19, high prices discourage sellers

Eager buyers are moving from other cities and states. Some are drawn by the Nashville region’s

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The Original Frameless Showers Doors Company Announces Reasons to Update Bathrooms

The Original Frameless Showers Doors Company Announces Reasons to Update Bathrooms

A local manufacturing company, The Original Frameless Shower Doors company, has recently announced to the public in Coral Springs why homeowners need to update their bathrooms.

Coral Spring, FL – The Original Frameless Shower Doors company lists the top three reasons homeowners choose to update their bathrooms.  The first reason is simply that the bathroom looks dated.  The fixtures look like something out of a 1974 bathroom.

The home is over 30 years old, the problem is probably the sliding shower doors inCoral Springs. The previous owners may not have been diligent about keeping the tracks clean.  A good reason to replace the sliding doors is to purchase frameless glass doors.

According to The Original Frameless Shower Doors company, the second reason homeowners choose to update their bathrooms is that the glass in their shower doors begins to look cloudy.  Despite repeated scrubbings, the doors are still not clear.

This happens because a regular shower door glass is porous.  Soap scum can get into the pores of the glass.  The Original Frameless Shower Doors company recommends that when homeowners shop for sliding tub doors in Coral Springs they check for a protectant called StayCLEAN.  Most homeowners don’t know about this protectant that keeps glass doors clean for years to come.

The Original Frameless Shower Doors company also notes that safety is an issue in an outdated bathroom.  The hardware holding the doors together may have worn out over time.  It is better to get clamps, hinges, and door handles that have been tested and retested at the factory.  Homeowners need to know it is safe to lean on the towel rack without it falling down.  They also need to know that the glass is a safety glass and won’t break. 

About The Original Frameless Shower Doors Company


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Frameless Shower Doors or Framed? Defining Your Style

Frameless shower doors are an elegant and timeless addition to any bathroom’s décor. On the other hand, traditional framed enclosures also bring style and value to your home. Which should you choose?

One of the biggest bathroom design struggles for many homeowners is choosing the most fitting style for their space. After all, shower enclosures aren’t just for keeping water contained; they also impact the overall style of the room. Selecting the right style for your bathroom will take some careful thought about the look you want to achieve. The following considerations may help you in the decision-making process.

Framed Glass Shower Doors

Framed glass doors are the most common type of shower enclosure, having been around much longer than the frameless style. These doors have metal frames that provide structural support and strength to the glass panels.

While the framed enclosures from years ago had limited style options, today’s framed doors are available in more than a dozen different metal finishes, including brushed chrome, polished brass, antique nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. The glass can be customized as well, with homeowners having the choice of several tinted, patterned, etched and frosted options. Framed glass doors can reflect your sense of style and can be just as elegant as frameless enclosures.

Frameless Shower Doors

The all-glass look of frameless doors is appealing to many homeowners for its high-end design look and feel. These doors use heavy-duty glass and minimal hardware to provide an open feel to the bathroom, allowing the other design elements to take center stage. For homeowners who have made the effort to create a beautifully tiled shower, frameless doors can be the best choice to show off their design.

Like framed doors, frameless styles can incorporate frosted or etched areas for privacy and to complement the rest of …

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