Dover Doins: Small cottage homes could help fill a big need – News –

There are many discussions about these two words: perception and reality. They came to my mind while reading some reactions shared on social media, particularly about the proposal for 44 single-family “cottages” to be built in Dover. They are described as a cluster of “single family detached cottages” 384 square feet each, with kitchen/living room, bedroom and bath.

The developers are proposing these as addressing need for affordable housing locally.

Let’s talk about living in this modest space and the reaction by many members of the social media. Some yeah, some nay, and of course, as is the nature of the beast, many suggesting changes.

The first qualification popping up is of course, money. Here’s where our first thoughts of perception and reality come in. It is suggested that these homes will be rentals as opposed to purchased units.

The developers suggest $800 to $1,000 per month rent as something within the financial realm of 18- to 25-year-olds (even age 30) earning somewhere in the vicinity of $16-$20 an hour.

Make sense?

How much money are you making annually, and how much are you paying for rent on the Seacoast? How much space do you live in? What do you consider “affordable?”

Let’s try this one: Are you right now looking for rental space in the Tri-City area on the lower end of the monthly rent spectrum? In Dover, the average rent in September 2020 was $1,312 for a one bedroom apartment. How are you folks doing finding something in that range? We often see and hear the complaints of area residents bemoaning the growth of Dover as “gentrification.” That certainly has a substantial effect on what property owners can and do charge for rent, doesn’t it?

Regarding the size and viability of the cottage houses. Numerous social media posts

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