See an English Estate Renovation That’s Any Downton Abbey Fan’s Dream

There’s not many people brave enough to take on such an outlandishly top-end renovation project, but for Dean Poulton, 33, and Borja de Maqua, 31, of the Instagram feed @mytinyestate, this grand design of stunning proportions was too tempting to resist. A rural English affair in Warwickshire, it comprises an array of different buildings and gardens including a three-story Georgian manor house, an adjoining servants’ quarters, and a caretaker’s cottage that dates back to Tudor times, plus a charming gardener’s cottage and piggery—all set amidst 2.5 acres of formal gardens, courtyards, and stables—barely habitable and far from good decorative order. These self-taught fixer-uppers may call the estate tiny, but the amount of work completed since they started, in March 2018, is vast. And what makes the story all the more compelling is how they have journaled their makeover via their social media platform. Having started out as a way to share progress with friends and family, it has garnered a following that has turned into something else altogether. For any DIYer, this is renovation porn.

Having left their previous home for rural Warwickshire, U.K., Dean (left) and Borja are midway through the renovation of this Georgian estate. With a variety of accommodations from cottages to stables, the future use of the property will prove to be as adaptable as they are.

Having left their previous home for rural Warwickshire, U.K., Dean (left) and Borja are midway through the renovation of this Georgian estate. With a variety of accommodations from cottages to stables, the future use of the property will prove to be as adaptable as they are.

Photo: Dean Poulton and Borja de Maqua

In terms of compatibility, the stars aligned when this couple met eight years ago. Dean is an architect by trade, and Spanish-born Borja is a surveyor. Before they purchased My Tiny Estate, they completed a number of other home renovation projects, and this is their most ambitious restoration to date. They obviously make a good renovation team, which is just as well, as everything from constructing timber-framed walls using traditional methods, plastering

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San Francisco designer creates posh, hotel-like interior for English client


Interior designer Benjamin Dhong had clear instructions from his client when it came to reimagining 3157 Steiner St. in Cow Hollow. His client, who hailed from Great Britain, wanted a chic, hotel-like ambience that would foster conversation and offer comfort.

“It’s sophisticated, fun and sexy,” said Dhong, principal of Benjamin Dhong Interiors. “It has a London hotel vibe and there’s a mix of modern and antique details.”

Offering roughly 4,400 square feet of living space the five-bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom versatile floor plan makes it ideal for sharing with friends.

“I’m a big believer that rooms should serve multiple purposes,” Dhong said. “It’s important that rooms have multiple functions.”

This philosophy is evidenced in the great room, which includes a kitchen island, dining area and family room.

Contemporary, monochromatic wallpaper adorns the foyer, giving it a feel akin to a hotel lobby. In addition to leading to public rooms, the foyer also steps into the home’s wine cellar.

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Address: 3157 Steiner St., Cow Hollow, San Francisco.

Price: $5.95 million.

High-end finishes abound in this bespoke, five-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom residence whose interior was conceptualized by designer Benjamin Dhong. The entry level hosts a wine cellar, while the public

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Defense Ministry Harms Army Morale by Siding with Shirker – The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition): Daily News from Korea

Revelations of special treatment received by Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae’s son during his mandatory military service and the Defense Ministry’s attempts to shield him from scrutiny are damaging troop morale and discipline. Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo told lawmakers on Wednesday, “It’s true that documents have not been preserved at the unit, but no regulations were violated so there are no problems” with the justice minister’s son taking nearly a month’s sick leave after minor knee surgery. When asked why other soldiers who suffered much more serious injuries were not granted extended leave, Jeong said, “Their commanders did not consider the matter carefully.” In other words, any discrimination is entirely somebody else’s fault and has nothing to do with the fact that they have no friends in high places. Jeong himself seemed confused what the party line is. First he told lawmakers that the young man should only have taken four days off, but then he backpedaled and said he “misspoke.” Perhaps he got confused trying to cobble together so many conflicting bits of information. When ruling-party lawmakers said it was perfectly okay for a soldier to request an extension of his sick leave by text message to his commander, the defense minister nodded in agreement, even though in fact a proper document has to be submitted. A career soldier who rose through the ranks by sheer hard work, Jeong is now about to cap his career by dragging the entire military through the mud because of party pressure.

The nominee for Jeong’s replacement, Suh Wook, also blamed the military and said, “There are several unsatisfactory areas” as well as “administrative problems.” When asked about the controversy surrounding the justice minister’s son, Suh said, “It is difficult for me to make an assessment, since that is a matter for the commanding

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