Contractor’s error causes three-day South Bimini outage



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Second homeowners yesterday said they were “rethinking our winter plans” after South Bimini was left without electricity for three days when a contractor cut Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) cable.

BPL, in a statement responding to Tribune Business inquiries, blamed a Water & Sewerage Corporation contractor for “damaging” the undersea cables that serve south Bimini when it started dredging activities on Saturday without the utility’s knowledge.

The state-owned energy monopoly added that while power was “quickly restored to north Bimini”, the southern island was left without power. While a BPL technician who arrived on Sunday was able to restore supply to parts of south Bimini, BPL said full power to both islands was only restored at 2pm yesterday.

“A joint exercise between Water & Sewerage and a third party took place on Saturday, without the knowledge of BPL, to dredge in the harbour in the vicinity of the South Bimini ferry dock to locate and unearth a broken waterline,” BPL said.

“During the works, the main BPL subsea feeder cables that supply power to south Bimini were damaged. Power on north and south Bimini was interrupted because of the incident. While we were able to quickly restore power to north Bimini, the damaged cables meant south Bimini was left without power.

“A technician was flown into Bimini on Sunday morning , and a temporary solution was put in place to restore power to some portions of south Bimini until the cables were repaired,” BPL added.

“Technicians worked tirelessly through the day and night to locate all damaged portions of the two sub-sea cables. Once all damaged portions were located and identified, the repair process began and was completed around 2pm today. Full power has been restored to north and south Bimini.”

Quincy Parker,

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