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Your Home magazine presents some of the latest trends, ideas, and projects, to help stretch your ideas on what’s possible around your own home. As if getting your head around the trendiest colours and design ideas isn’t enough to spark your interest, you can also get out the hammer and make a hen house out of old pallets, or a glider box for those friendly possums that visit now and again. We take a look at architect Michael Moloney’s take on his Kyneton house build, and give you an insider’s view of what the clients asked for and how the innovative design answered their brief. You can also learn how to make a brew for the garden bugs – earwigs we’re on to you lot – and how to recognise the difference between a crane fly and a mosquito and act accordingly. Then after all that activity, you can have a quiet read about how good nutmeg is for your internal engine, and then make an apple cake for afternoon tea. More, more, more Apple Slice If you have your own apples, granny smith, golden delicious, jonathans or pink ladies, you can peel and slice them, pop them in the microwave with a cup of water and a dash of sugar for a few minutes and replace the tinned apples. If not, tinned apples are nearly as good. What you need: 1 pkt vanilla cake mix 200g butter, melted 400g tin of apple pie pieces 200g sour cream What to do: Line a rectangle slice tray with baking paper. Mix the cake mix and butter together then pour into a slice tray. Bake at 180C for 15 minutes. While the cake is in the oven, mix apples and sour cream together. Take the half cooked cake out

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How to Find Suitable Contractor SEO Services [Infographic]

No matter the industry, the first place most people go to look for the services they need and want are search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Consumers don’t have a clear understanding of how search results work. However, they’re most likely to click on the first results to appear in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) as they believe it to be the most relevant option.

However, there are a defined number of places at the top of the results page. As the construction market becomes more competitive, you need to rise above the crowd. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your chance to gain potential clients who turn to the internet for the residential or commercial building and remodeling services that you offer.

SEO involves utilizing strategies, processes, and tactics that can help your business rank first in the SERP. This will attract organic traffic to your website, and ultimately, clients to your business.

In this current global scenario, general contractors have been facing new hurdles in attracting new customers. Digital marketing arenas open doors to new markets and clientele base. Unfortunately, most contracting companies don’t place SEO services at the top of their priorities.

SEO takes a lot of effort, money, and time to be something worth considering by most businesses. However, this is where it may benefit your contracting company. Suppose any competitors aren’t investing in SEO. In that case, you’ll gain the opportunity to differentiate your business and gain more customers and clients.

With this in mind, it’s imperative to work together with a reliable marketing agency that specializes in providing SEO services for contractors. This infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines touches on Contractor SEO services and how to identify a reliable agency to help you in your quest to grow your business.

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Alabama woman dressing dogs for Halloween to help find forever homes

Cute doggies? Check. Cute costumes? Check.

Adorable way to let people know about rescue dogs? Check, times a gabillion.

Huntsville resident Sara Alavi has been fostering rescue dogs until they can be adopted. And to help find those forever homes, Alavi created the Instagram page @dearpups. “I created the page to share some fun images of my own rescue dogs and some of my fosters in hopes that they might get adopted,” she said, although she says has been lax in keeping it updated in the past.

Now she’s found an awwww-inspiring way to keep her page current: During October, she is posting photos each day of her dog, Nelly aka Jellybean, and some of her fosters wearing Halloween costumes. She is calling the challenge Nellyween and so far it includes costumes like Ruff Bader Ginsburg, Eve, Carol Baskin, and even the famed dress from Carol Burnett’s parody of “Gone with the Wind.” She said she looks forward to suggestions from followers of creative costumes.

“I have always sewn and created Halloween costumes for my dogs throughout the years. The costumes are usually something current to do with pop culture and I look for inspiration all year,” Alavi said. “Three years ago, my best friend challenged me to do a costume for each day of the month of October. I figured if there is ever a year to do it, this would be the year. I figured people could use a smile (or laugh). And, thankfully, I have an incredibly tolerant dog who humors me. Being cold-natured, she can usually be found wearing clothing anyways and, in fact, gets upset when she has to change for laundry day.”

Alavi says Nelly’s breed is a “pomchillon,” her own name for “a mix between a pomeranian, chihuahua and papillon.”

“It’s a pretty

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Knife Sharpening Services: How to Find the Best

A knife is a useful tool for many households and professions, and a sharp knife is much safer than a blunt knife. Many knife sharpening experts today make it convenient to sharpen your blades, and offer mail-in or mobile services, saving you the hassle of taking your knife to them. Here’s what to consider before choosing a service.

What knife sharpening services are available?

Professional knife sharpening services can fix many different blades including:

  • Knives and scissors for households and businesses
  • Hunting & fishing blades
  • Asian and Japanese-style knives
  • Speciality knives and blades

Some knife sharpening services also offer rental services so that you’re not without a quality knife during the sharpening process, and some can also repair other faults with your knife including chips.

What is included with a knife sharpening service?

Many knife sharpening providers work just like house cleaning services, meaning that they can come out to your home or place to work at a time that is convenient for you. This is the perfect solution for those who use knives, scissors and other tools as a fundamental part of their job, such as chefs, hairdressers, and pet groomers.

How much does a knife sharpening service cost?

The price of your knife sharpening services will depend on the type and size of blade and the expertise of the professional of your choice. A ballpark estimate of what you can expect to pay for knife sharpening is:

  • Small or medium knife (usually under 16 cm): $10-20
  • Long knife (16<25 cm): $20-35

Additional charges may apply to reshape the bevel or to repair broken tips.

How do I compare knife sharpening services?

  • Competence. It is important to choose a knife sharpening service which is quick and professional and can work with several tools, such as scissors. By doing this,
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Two Burlington shelters find new homes with more space

Burlington’s North Beach campground, shown here, was used to house homeless people in campers, and then tents. Now, it appears more permanent options are coming to Burlington. Photo by Jim Welch/VTDigger

BURLINGTON — Since March, the Burlington homeless shelter ANEW Place has been on the move. When the pandemic forced residents and staff out of its downtown location, the shelter offered housing in RVs at North Beach, and then, three months later, moved guests to tents at the beach campground.

Now, ANEW Place may finally get a permanent home.

An emergency resolution passed by the City Council on Monday night will allow ANEW Place to buy and move into what is now the Champlain Inn near the rotary on Shelburne Road. The shelter is just waiting for final approval on funding from the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board — which ANEW Place director Kevin Pounds says he is “really hopeful” will come through, now that the city council has signed off on the plan.

Just two months ago, hope was dwindling for Pounds and his staff. On Aug. 6, the city nixed a proposal for micro-housing units for ANEW Place guests, leaving the shelter scrambling to find a new solution as cold weather loomed. 

In years past, the shelter opened its doors each November, and provided housing through the winter for up to 40 people without homes. But the congregate accommodations at its downtown location do not allow for social distancing.

“Our backs were against the wall, like — what are we going to do?” Pounds told VTDigger. “It did feel like a miracle for the opportunity at the Champlain Inn to pop up that quickly.”

A second piece of good news

ANEW Place was just the first social service agency providing shelter to a vulnerable population to receive good

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