Finish in sight for new Badgers pool construction, Field House exterior renovation | College sports

When overseas entry to the U.S. is possible, the pool will be drained and the moveable floor installed.

The Badgers swimming and diving teams have competed at the Natatorium but had their training facilities at the now-demolished SERF. The Soderholm Family Aquatic Center also has a diving well, a video board and seating for around 1,000, King said.

UW Athletics paid $13.5 million toward the $96 million Nicholas Recreation Center for UW students and staff, which features 30,400 square feet of fitness space, eight full-size basketball courts and five multipurpose studios. It was slated to open last January but experienced weather and construction delays.

Wisconsin Athletics hits brakes on Camp Randall Stadium renovation

The $6 million Field House project includes new doors and windows, a cleaning of the exterior and construction of a new plaza outside the south entrance. It has been a priority for UW athletic director Barry Alvarez, who was critical of the crumbling walls and old windows of the 90-year-old building.

Delivery of the new windows was delayed this summer when the factory that was building them temporarily shut down because of the pandemic. All are now on site and a majority have been installed.

“We’re excited with the new plaza and the new windows and doors of that facility,” King said. “It’s just really spruced up that entrance to the campus.”

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How to Chose Bathroom Colors and Finish Materials

Selecting materials for a bathroom remodel

When a homeowner considers undertaking a bathroom remodel today, their first step in contemplating potential redesign ideas is to select what kinds of materials they would like their new bathroom to be finished with – should I have sandstone, granite, ceramic, or marble floors? Should the walls be wallpapered or tiled? Should the tile on the walls be the same as that used on the floors?

Many homeowners quickly proceed to consult their local Home Depot or design magazine for material recommendations, only to recoil in shock at the sheer volume of materials available. Gaudy advertisements accompany every finish material, and every finish material claims it is the most cost-effective. So many materials – especially the numerous engineered, altered, or synthetic materials – claim to offer the best value for a limited budget, and it is understandably very difficult for the bewildered homeowner to begin the material selection process. What materials truly provide the best value, durability, and beauty at the lowest cost?

The honest answer is the one that most people do not like to hear – you truly "get what you pay for." Yes, a linoleum finish is extraordinarily affordable and can be installed quite easily, but do not expect to receive any lasting benefits from the meager investment. As with most other "value engineered" materials, it will quickly fade, yellow, stain, and curl over time – why spend roughly $ 800 every couple years to replace a cheaply-surfaced wall or floor when a seemingly-higher initial investment of, say , $ 4000 on a higher quality floor finish will result in many more years of satisfactory performance?

Our recommendation for selecting bathroom materials is to quickly eliminate the synthetic and engineered materials. Select natural finishes wherever you can afford them – the …

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