Kent hospital ordered to ‘make significant improvements’ after staff fail to follow Covid-19 hygiene rules

A hospital in Kent has been ordered to ‘make significant improvements’ after staff failed to follow Covid-19 regulations.

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Inspectors found that some staff at the William Harvey Hospital, run by East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, were failing to wash their hands properly after caring for suspected virus patients.

Others seen to wear PPE incorrectly on the Covid-19 ward. Following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) on August 11, the watchdog ordered “urgent enforcement action” by requiring that the emergency department was risk-assessed for social distancing and coronavirus risks.

The CQC also found that staff did not always use alcohol hand gel on entering and leaving wards, and at least seven members of staff were seen entering and leaving a ward caring for patients with suspected Covid-19 without washing their hands properly.

The emergency department staff also did not always have access to hand gel or hand washing facilities, with hand sanitiser dispensers remaining empty at both entrances even after the inspectors had raised the issue.

And inspectors found there was an inconsistent approach to triaging patients with Covid-19 symptoms in the emergency department.

Staff did not always wear PPE correctly in the emergency department, including failing to remove it between clinical areas and patient bays, and they did not always use the correct PPE, the inspectors said.

They also highlighted that cleaning schedules were not kept up to date, meaning they were unsure that the wards had been cleaned properly.

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Urgent action was ordered by the CQC (AFP via Getty Images)

The inspectors said that not all rooms had signs to indicate how many people were permitted to be in that area while being able to socially distance, although managers told inspectors that every room should

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Safety Tips To Follow During Your Next DIY Home Improvement Project

Around 85% of U.S. homes were built before 1980 and are now in need of improvements. And since you’re probably spending more time than ever at home, it’s likely you’ve taken an even closer look at all of the things that need fixing. You may even have a growing to-do list of all the repairs and upgrades you want to make over the next few months to improve both your property value and your quality of life.

renovation Safety Tips to Follow During Your Next DIY Home Improvement Project

While some jobs need to be handled by a professional, there are countless other projects that can easily be DIY’d. However, you still need to approach every renovation — regardless of its size and scope — with caution. Although over 20,000 workplace slip-and-fall injuries were reported in California during 2015, you don’t have to be on the clock to become hurt while doing a job. And unless you’d like to be one of the 6.8 million Americans who use assistive devices (like crutches or wheelchairs) to aid their mobility, you’ll want to do everything possible to avoid potential hazards while you’re improving your home. Here are just a few safety tips you’ll want to follow during your next DIY home improvement project.

Always Wear Protective Gear

Aside from knowing how to safely operate power tools and other equipment, you’ll also want to take pains (pun intended) to get yourself the right protective gear. This means you’ll want to wear ear and eye protection, as well as gloves, headgear, and non-slip footwear with closed toes. You should also consider wearing some kind of face mask if you plan on working with any kind of chemicals or with power tools that might produce dust. In addition, take care not to wear loose clothing that could become caught in equipment or that could hinder your movement.

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