Glass Cabinet Knobs For Kitchen Cabinet Elegance

More homeowners are choosing glass cabinet knob installation or replacement as a sure way of changing the look of their kitchen and it is becoming a popular choice. Manufacturers have recognized this and have expanded their selections. Knob replacement offers the chance to kill two birds with one stone, you can get the function you need and personalize the style of your kitchen with a fresh and dramatic new look, without a complete remodel.

Increasingly consumers are choosing kitchen cabinet hardware that return their personalities and are also decorative and functional. Eschewing the more simple cookie cutter designs, like plain brass knobs, for something more unique. They are looking for and choosing the "wow factor" to make their kitchens and homes deliver a striking statement and finding it with glass cabinet knobs. Simply put, glass knobs are elegant.

There is really no secret or hard and fast rule for choosing glass cabinet knobs. The bottom line is that you can't make a wrong choice when it comes to kitchen cabinet knobs. Once you find a knob design that appeals to you, then that is the right choice. In fact the trend of mixing and matching today could be applied to knobs as well. For instance you could choose to use a combination of glass cabinet knobs and pulls, one for kitchen cabinet doors and the other for the drawers.

A homeowner gains a few stylistic advantages from choosing glass cabinet knobs. One advantage is a personal and distinctive style. They are available in an ever increasing range of vibrant colors and designs, from antique and traditional to more contemporary and even novelty. You should have no problem matching your kitchen design and your personality to the right knob, where older glass knobs were made of amber or clear glass, today …

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Using a Handmade Glass Sink in the Bathroom – Combining Art & Function

All About Glass Sinks

The hottest trend in bathroom design today is the handmade glass sink – often referred to as a glass vessel sink – which has become the latest must-have for luxury homeowners. Combine the versatility in color and design offered by glass with the vessel mount trend and it’s no wonder that our company, Glass Artists Gallery, can barely keep up with demand. Vessel-mounted, fused, slumped, mosaic, under-mounted and hand-blown sinks have even influenced the faucet manufacturers’ designs because of their unprecedented popularity.

We find ourselves answering questions and dispelling myths surrounding sinks just about every day. This article was created to answer some of the more common questions such as “What is a handmade sink?” “Are they expensive?” “What are the differences in the glass sinks I see in the showrooms and online?” “Are they durable?”

Types of Glass Sinks

To better understand the three main categories of glass vessel sinks, it helps to understand the three main types of glassmaking:

Cold Glass — Working with glass at room temperature. Examples are mosaic glass, stained glass, glass carving and etching.

Warm Glass — The process of fusing, slumping or other kiln forming techniques at temperatures between 1100 and 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hot Glass— The process of blowing glass using a furnace that melts the glass at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the glass is gathered on the end of a pipe, the artist forms the hot glass using a “Glory Hole” (an oven that maintains a temperature of around 1200 degrees Fahrenheit). The resulting work is then slowly cooled in an annealing oven.

With the above in mind, there are three main categories of artisan crafted glass sinks you will find at Glass Artists Gallery:

Fused & Slumped — Glass fusing is the process of joining …

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White Kitchen Cupboards With Glass Doors

When given the prospect to transform an space of 1’s house, the kitchen is often the first one that’s chosen because it’s where a number of the family spends fairly a couple of hours of their day. Good design works nicely within the lives of it is owner, this toilet goes to carry up for a very long time. As an alternative of hiding your kitchen away in the corner of your house, knock down the walls and unencumber your space. While most chefs and cooks recognize the respiration room that open kitchen reworking ideas carry, they are ideal for entertaining and home events.

Assuming in fact that you’re on a price range that won’t stretch to using a contractor to install your customized made kitchen transform ideas. Lastly, your small kitchen reworking ideas ought to embrace the substitute of kitchen cupboards to give the part of your own home a complete revamp.

Another nice kitchen remodeling challenge that is quick and cheap on the pocketbook is to change or update the backsplash. If in case you have money to spend there are a variety of kitchen planning software packages which permit to use any kind of cabinets, not just IKEA’s, however are a bit more advanced to make use of.

Each time I keep in a modern lodge, the distinction with my dated bathrooms at residence makes me consider an update. In conventional designs, cupboards are often painted a coloration that matches or enhances the overall theme of the room or they’re simply left as stained wooden.

Take into account what the first makes use of of the kitchen will be then acquire ideas for enhancing your mission. Just choose cabinets that match or complement your kitchen cupboards. Maybe you’re finding the kitchen a bit cramped for the rising …

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