Handyman horror as man falls into empty pool at Korora

A 50-year-old man has been taken to hospital with head injuries after he fell into an empty pool on Monday morning.

Just before 9am two NSW Ambulance crews were called to a home at Seaside Close in Korora.

The State Emergency Service (SES), NSW Police and NSW Fire and Rescue crews also attended.

A man has been taken to hospital after falling into an empty swimming pool. Photo by Frank Redward

A man has been taken to hospital after falling into an empty swimming pool. Photo by Frank Redward

They worked together to place the man in a basket stretcher and raise him out of the pool in the backyard.

It is understood he was working on the pool replacing tiles when the accident occurred.

He was complaining of back and neck pain and was placed  in full spinal precautions before being transported to hospital.

A NSW Ambulance spokesperson said the man was transferred to the Coffs Harbour Health Campus in a stable condition.

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Handyman admits hiding cameras in bathrooms of NJ homes: cops

A creepy handyman admitted to hiding cameras in bathrooms at homes in Paramus and Wayne, NJ police said.

Romeo Sanchez, 47, of West New York, was arrested on Sept. 17 on one count of invasion of privacy by Paramus police after a homeowner who hired him to install a window spotted a suspicious device in her bathroom in late August, WABC reports.

The device, which police said was inserted into a bathroom wall, was later determined to a micro camera, equipped with a memory card, the station reports.

The female homeowner saw the device plugged into an outlet inside the bathroom and knew it “didn’t belong to her,” Paramus Police Det. Mark Pinajian told CBS New York.

The victim then saw clips on the device depicting herself and her bathroom, as well as another location, Pinajian said.

Investigators proceeded to track down Sanchez, a married father, who admitted he installed the camera in the Paramus home — and claimed he planned to retrieve it when he came back to finish the job, police said.

The other location depicted on the camera was from a bathroom of a home in Wayne where Sanchez was also hired for a job, police said.

No children were present in either home and there’s no evidence that Sanchez distributed the video, CBS New York reported.

“As far as we can see, he’s not a licensed contractor,” Pinajian said. “He’s just like a handyman to do small, odds and ends jobs and he was being referred to other people. That’s how he was getting business.”

The investigation into the Wayne home is being handled by investigators there, Paramus police said. Wayne police did not return a message seeking comment about the case, NorthJersey.com reported.

Sanchez, who was facing up to one year in jail, has been

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Handyman sets out to save them from extinction


Kirk Jackson explains why using a manual typewriter is almost like playing a piano, and how it inspires him.

Nashville Tennessean

Nearly four years ago, longtime collector Kirk Jackson happened across a dusty, old manual typewriter in an antiques shop — and that turned into a full-blown obsession

He’s only 42, but handyman Kirk Jackson has always been an old-school guy who loves old stuff.

He collects old oil lamps and old coins. He fixes and preserves old furniture and old machines. He uses roller and hand brushes instead of spray guns to paint houses. He keeps his broken-down 1980 Jeep parked next to his work shed because he likes to look at it.

So it was natural four years ago that he was drawn to an old, dirty case in the Dead People’s Things antique store in Goodlettsville during a shopping trip.

Handyman Kirk Jackson keeps most of his 220 manual typewriters in this work shed about 100 yards behind his Goodlettsville home. (Photo: Larry McCormack / The Tennessean)

Jackson hoped it was an old record player, but when he opened the case, a filthy 1954 Remington manual typewriter was inside. The keys still worked though.

“It was intrigue at first sight,” he said.

Jackson got the store owner to come down from $50 to $35 on the price. He brought home his new-old typewriter, blew away dust and dirt with an air compressor, tapped out some sentences and made a bunch of typing mistakes. 

After a few paragraphs, something clicked for Jackson.

He started buying manual typewriters. He taught himself how to repair them. He scoured the internet for parts, and he joined online groups of manual typewriter enthusiasts and collectors.

He started selling some typewriters that he has cleaned up and fixed. He started repairing other

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55-year-old handyman convicted of brutally killing Burton woman

a man smiling for the camera: David Serges

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David Serges

BURTON, Mich. (WJRT) – A 55-year-old handyman has been convicted of brutally killing a woman in Burton three years ago while he was in her neighborhood looking for odd jobs.

A Genesee County jury found David Serges guilty of first-degree murder Friday for the November 2017 death of 70-year-old Gail Anderson in her home near the intersection of Clayward and Weston drives on Burton’s north side. He faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole.

Investigators say Anderson’s neighbors knew Serges well for doing odd jobs to make a little money in the neighborhood. Some neighbors were concerned about him, but others believed he was harmless and helpful.

Several of Anderson’s neighbors said Serges came around the neighborhood asking to see if he could do lawn work for a few bucks. He often used Anderson as a reference for the quality of his work.

A 96-year-old neighbor found Anderson dead on Nov. 27, 2017, inside her home. Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said she suffered 11 blunt force injuries to her head and face.

Leyton believes Serges’ attack started outside in Anderson’s yard, when she was struck in the head by a hammer. Serges used his fists and a can of bug spray to continue the assault as Anderson apparently tried to get up several times.

“This was a gruesome crime scene that the victim’s neighbor came upon,” Leyton said. “I cannot imagine the horror the victim suffered in her last moments and I am grateful the jury reached the verdict it did.”

Serges is scheduled to receive his life sentence in court on Oct. 26.

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NYC Handyman: Providing quality services for all household projects across New York City and Brooklyn

NYC Handyman: Providing quality services for all household projects across New York City and Brooklyn

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The inspirational driving force behind NYC handyman was the assessment of difficulties one has to face while searching for a professional technician especially for jobs that require immediate attention. For a very long time, handymen have been approached through word-of-mouth, or through contacts from a specific community or hardware store nearby, making it difficult for the masses to adopt a lifestyle where approaching handymen would be possible through a click of a button. Furthermore, most of these resources would not mature to be reliable or reasonable hence, NYC Handyman services became an integral part of New York.       

NYC handyman claims to be the best in the business, with its main focus on delivering a guaranteed satisfying experience to its customers for an affordable price. The handyman service team works

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