Historic Hotel Paso Del Norte, Autograph Collection Opens After Multi-Million-Dollar Renovation

The doors to 1912 are reopening with the highly anticipated renovation of the historic Hotel Paso del Norte, Autograph Collection. After nearly four years and a multi-million-dollar renovation, the 351-room luxury hotel is welcoming locals and travelers to a destination where modern-day luxury inhabits a setting of history and culture. Here, panoramic views of the Franklin Mountains and terraces that overlook the glow of the Mexican border provide a distinct sense of place. Amidst birdcage light fixtures, inspired lounge areas offer retreats, while a thriving culinary scene bursts to life with El Paso’s most extensive list of wines and tequilas, and each room offers a private world of leisure.

“Once in a great while, you happen upon a place that captures time and everything that is good about life,” said Carlos Sarmiento, general manager of Hotel Paso del Norte, Autograph Collection. “That’s the feeling people experience at Hotel Paso del Norte. Here, everything that is good about life abounds: impeccable architecture, exquisite dining and drinks, friendly people, and the comforts of luxurious amenities. It’s not just an escape, it’s a celebration of living.”

Hotel Paso del Norte’s story aligns with that of the region. Originally opened on Thanksgiving Day in 1912, the hotel was known as the “Showplace of the Southwest.” It was the vision of prominent local businessman, Zack White, to create a first-class hotel that would attract people to the Southwest. He partnered with Trost & Trost Architects of El Paso and Andrews & Company of New York to put form to his vision, ultimately creating a destination that has stood the test of time.

Guests in the early 20th century would drink libations while watching the Mexican Revolution from the hotel’s storied 10th floor. Today, travelers and locals savor the hotel’s elegance while exploring the charms of

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Historic Hotel Paso del Norte opening in Downtown after renovation

Vic Kolenc, El Paso Times
Published 6:00 a.m. MT Oct. 8, 2020 | Updated 6:50 a.m. MT Oct. 8, 2020


Paul L. Foster and his wife Alejandra de la Vega opened their latest project, The Plaza Pioneer Plaza in downtown El Paso. The iconic Trost hotel had been closed for almost 30 years.

El Paso Times

After more than three years of a sometimes troubled, multimillion-dollar renovation, the 107-year-old Hotel Paso del Norte is set to open Thursday, hotel officials announced.

The 351-room, Marriott Autograph Collection hotel had been scheduled to reopen in 2018, but the project was delayed by construction problems and COVID-19 business restrictions.

A ribbon-cutting event is scheduled Oct. 15 at the hotel, located at South El Paso Street and San Antonio Avenue in Downtown.

“Once in a great while, you happen upon a place that captures time and everything that is good about life. That’s the feeling people (will) experience” at the hotel, Carlos Sarmiento, the hotel general manager, said in a statement.

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The renovated Hotel Paso del Norte features a 25-foot, stained-glass dome in its Dome bar. The 351-room hotel in Downtown El Paso is scheduled to open Oct. 8 after more than three years of renovation. (Photo: COURTESY OF HOTEL PASO DEL NORTE)

The hotel features the elegant Dome bar, with its 25-foot, 107-year-old, stained-glass dome, a rooftop pool and bar on its 10th floor, the Sabor Mexican restaurant, the 1700º Steak House, and Dulce bakery cafe, according to a hotel press release. It also has a 33,000 square-foot ballroom, and a virus-killing air-filtration system throughout the hotel.

Room rates range from $204 to $290 per night, according to the Marriott hotel’s website.

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Europa Hotel completes first phase of renovation programme

THE Europa Hotel has completed the first phase of an extensive renovation programme of its guest bedrooms.

The programme, which will be completed by March 2022, will see the 100 front-facing Superior bedrooms, 80 Classic bedrooms and five Suites redesigned and upgraded.

The hotel’s general manager James McGinn, said: “We are pleased to open the first two floors of eight floors of newly rejuvenated bedrooms as part of our renovation programme.

“The work, which started in September 2019, represents a significant investment by Hastings Hotels, and despite the challenging times we are all currently facing, we are committed to ensuring we continue to offer the highest of standards to our guests and will complete this phased project over the next year and a half.

“No detail has been overlooked and I am confident that our guests will love the new urban chic feel, which comes complete with bevelled mirrors and on-trend brushed brass.

“It’s a stunning new look for the world-famous Europa Hotel and we’re looking forward to checking in our guests to experience the new rooms for themselves.”

The project has been designed by RPP Architects and Interiors and Floor Design, with Graham Construction delivering the renovation programme.

Amanda Ramsey, director of Interiors and Floor Design said: “The Europa Hotel has a strong presence and character in the heart of Belfast city centre and when it came to redesigning the bedrooms, Hastings Hotels had a clear vision on the direction that should be taken. The rooms are functional, yet clever in design, with elements of glass and mirror creating a spacious feel within each bedroom.

The fabrics that have been selected pay homage to Belfast’s Linen Quarter, where the hotel is located, and the textures and earthy tones help create a restful sleeping space.

“Soft geometrics and carpet

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The Great Disappearing Act Of The Hotel Shower Door

Frequent travelers may have noticed a new trend that has been appearing in hotels throughout the country recently. What began overseas during the 80s is now a widespread staple of high-end and luxurious hotels worldwide. Namely, the disappearing hotel shower door. While hotel bathroom showers traditionally include a partition, it is now common to find a shower with a half curve of glass only, or simply a shower head and drain open to the rest of the room. For patrons, the trend may seem bewildering, or downright infuriating, but the days of a shower curtain or door are clearly long gone. 

It has been said that the half-door, or no doors, concept serves a handful of purposes that would otherwise not exist with a full partition. Some of these reasons include the illusion of a larger room. Without a shower curtain or door, the room instantly becomes brighter and a bit more spacious as guests are able to scope out the entire space at first glance. It also provides easy cleanup for housekeeping. Shower curtains, especially cloth curtains, are more likely to trap bacteria than shower glass. Frameless shower doors offer less chance of mold build-up and are easier to clean, something to consider as the travel industry begins to slowly reopen.

Darrell Long, Design Principal and Regional Managing Director at Wilson Associates recently provided his expert opinions.

1.   When did this trend begin in the US?

In the United States, it wasn’t until approximately ten years ago that the idea was implemented. The origins were profoundly entrenched in the boutique hotel market. The implementation was more of a cool factor and less of a necessity. And in most situations

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Spotless worker says coronavirus hotel quarantine contractors also took shifts at Alfred Health hospitals

A Spotless worker has described how contractors in COVID-19 ‘hot hotels’ were also working shifts at Melbourne’s Alfred Health hospitals, and cast doubt on the Government’s assertion the contractors were not working as security guards.

The employee, who spoke to the ABC on the condition of anonymity, said security staff were working at Alfred hospitals within days of shifts at the Novotel Hotel at South Wharf, which is housing people with coronavirus who cannot safely self-isolate.

He also said former bouncers with little experience were given jobs leading “security” teams in the quarantine facilities.

Spotless has been sub-contracted by Alfred Health to undertake “non-clinical” work at the hot hotels as an extension of its arrangement at the hospitals.

Both Spotless and Alfred Health insist the staff performing “floor monitoring roles” were not acting as security. The Government has said police officers, and not private security contractors, have been managing security at the hotels under the revamped program.

But the Spotless employee said: “Security was definitely working there — Spotless even recruited former pub and club bouncers who were out of work and didn’t have the required skill set to work in a hospital.

“One [staff member] at quarantine … didn’t know his way around a hospital let alone how it operates, in regard to infection control”.

Email, roster indicate workers moved between sites in August

Spotless has told the ABC it introduced a rule in late July requiring its staff to declare that they had not been working at any other facility within 14 days.

But in August, an email sent by a Spotless security supervisor — seen by the ABC — described two workers as coming back from the hotel program into “regular rostering”.

The Spotless employee told the ABC the two team members had been working in the

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