Kitchen Ideas

Why Granite Kitchen Counter Tops?

Many Americans have found that granite kitchen countertops are the ideal surface choice for their kitchen counter and islands. If you are like many Americans, chances are that you will be planning to do some remodeling of your kitchen in the near future, including replacing worn and outdated kitchen countertops. In years past you were limited to painted, vinyl-covered, or synthetic choices which would be susceptible to cracking, peeling, burns and other staining.

Fortunately, today's modern home owner has the option of choosing to install granite kitchen countertops. Long used to enhance and beautify building exteriors, they have made it indoors with dramatic results. There are several benefits to choosing this natural stone counter top over types available in the past and even now. These include:

– granite counter tops add a sophisticated, luxurious appearance to any kitchen. Available in many colors, each and every piece of granite used for counter tops is unique, coming in a wide variety of veins, swirls, and crystal patterns. Unlike dyed synthetic products, granite is uniformly colored throughout the particular piece you may choose. An added advantage is that often the sunlight dances off the small crystals contained in it, the result is minute changes in the appearance of your stone throughout the day, adding to the overall richness and the ambiance in the kitchen.

– kitchen granite countertops are easier to care for and more kid friendly than other surfaces. They are naturally more resistant to staining, resistant to scratching, hot items such as hot pans, griddles, fryers, and toaster ovens placed on your granite counter tops do not create burns or leave char marks on them, and you can roll out dough and do chopping on them. Granite is easy to clean, and plain soap and warm water will do the job …

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Your New Kitchen

It is where we prepare the food, wash dishes, eat and socialize. It is the hub of the house, the nerve center if you will, and the place where inevitably everyone ends up whether you are throwing a dinner party or just a normal Tuesday dinner.

It is your kitchen and it should reflect your personality and tastes just like any other room in the house. They say that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home and there is no wonder why as it's the busiest, the messiest and usually the one that houses the most 'stuff'. With so many options out there it's hard to narrow down what you want in a dream kitchen, so here are just a few ideas to help you along.

A kitchen island can be a godsend, especially if you need more counter and storage space. An island can be mobile or fixed and can even offer a different space for your sink. They are great places to store items, great areas for a breakfast bar or homework place and they complete the look of the kitchen while being ultra functional in the process.

Custom cabinets can make your space shine and use every inch of space that you want, as they are made on a project by project basis. If you want soaring cabinets that go to the ceiling, that's what you get, if you need a slim slider for trays and flat items to fit in just the right spot, you can get that too. All custom, all just for you. All a wonderful addition to any kitchen.

Sun rooms are great additions to any kitchen as they double as dining rooms or breakfast nooks. Imagine your kitchen flooded with light and having all that extra room …

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Glass Cabinet Knobs For Kitchen Cabinet Elegance

More homeowners are choosing glass cabinet knob installation or replacement as a sure way of changing the look of their kitchen and it is becoming a popular choice. Manufacturers have recognized this and have expanded their selections. Knob replacement offers the chance to kill two birds with one stone, you can get the function you need and personalize the style of your kitchen with a fresh and dramatic new look, without a complete remodel.

Increasingly consumers are choosing kitchen cabinet hardware that return their personalities and are also decorative and functional. Eschewing the more simple cookie cutter designs, like plain brass knobs, for something more unique. They are looking for and choosing the "wow factor" to make their kitchens and homes deliver a striking statement and finding it with glass cabinet knobs. Simply put, glass knobs are elegant.

There is really no secret or hard and fast rule for choosing glass cabinet knobs. The bottom line is that you can't make a wrong choice when it comes to kitchen cabinet knobs. Once you find a knob design that appeals to you, then that is the right choice. In fact the trend of mixing and matching today could be applied to knobs as well. For instance you could choose to use a combination of glass cabinet knobs and pulls, one for kitchen cabinet doors and the other for the drawers.

A homeowner gains a few stylistic advantages from choosing glass cabinet knobs. One advantage is a personal and distinctive style. They are available in an ever increasing range of vibrant colors and designs, from antique and traditional to more contemporary and even novelty. You should have no problem matching your kitchen design and your personality to the right knob, where older glass knobs were made of amber or clear glass, today …

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Research to Do Before Your Kitchen Remodel

When planning a kitchen remodeling project, the first step is to call a remodeling company, right? Maybe not. Before you start talking with the professionals, do some research so you’re in a good position to get make informed decisions with your remodeling professional.

Figure Out What You Want

Research the different options for flooring, cabinets, counters, and appliances. This will help you figure out what you do and don’t like. Be sure to check out the remodeling information and remodeling how-to sections of our website, where you can learn a lot of valuable tips, trends, and ideas for remodeling your kitchen.

Consider Resale Value

If there is a chance you’ll sell your home in the future, you want to make sure you’ll get your money’s worth out of the kitchen renovation. Buyers love remodeled kitchens, but they may not tend to like “trends,” so if you plan to sell, choose trendy items carefully. Try to make choices that will appeal to the widest range of searchers and perhaps save the bulk of your investment for high-end appliances you can take with you.

Plan for Your Retirement

If you don’t believe you’ll sell your home any time soon, make sure your kitchen remodel reflects YOU. Get the cabinets, flooring, and lighting you love. If you love skylights, make sure your remodeled kitchen has plenty of light. Whether you like bright colors, white cabinets, or dark wood, your kitchen should reflect your style, your style of cooking, and your family’s use of the room. Also think ahead and ensure the kitchen has room for mobility assistance tools, easy-grasp knobs and handles, or perhaps adjustable-height counter areas so everyone is comfortable working.

Review Financing and Budgeting

Remodeling your kitchen can fit almost any budget, so you should begin explore what money you’ll use. …

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Giving Your Kitchen a Face Lift With New Kitchen Cabinets

When you do a lot of cooking in your kitchen, over time your kitchen can start to look old and worn out. It is a perfectly natural occurrence of wear and tear. However, cooking in an environment that looks old, depressing and dirty can also affect your mood, and in turn affect how you feel when you cook.

A very great way of giving your kitchen a face lift is simply by redoing your kitchen cabinets!

There are several ways you can do this. You can tear down your old kitchen cabinets and install new ones. You can get kitchen cabinets with the latest designs, colors and styles to freshen up the look and feel of your kitchen from contemporary, to country, to even having antique style kitchen cabinets!

If you have the budget for this, installing new kitchen cabinets can be the way to go. On the other hand, if you need to keep costs within a limited budget, what can you do?

Refacing your cabinets is the other way to go. You do not have to tear down your old cupboards, especially if they have sentimental value for you. Instead, you can just give your kitchen cabinets a new look by updating the look and style of your old kitchen cabinets!

Look through the latest kitchen design magazines, or visit showrooms around your area for new ideas. Take this as a weekend project where you give your kitchen a makeover. You can even save money by looking for discounts or places where you can get what you are looking for at a cheaper price.

You could change the facade of your kitchen doors, replace your old kitchen cabinet knobs with the latest designs in handles or pulls or even have different textures to your kitchen cabinets.

Make sure …

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