Fincantieri Marinette Marine hires contractor to build state-of-the-art ship lift

MARINETTE, Wis. (WBAY) – Fincantieri Marinette Marine (FMM) says it’s signed with a company to build a state-of-the-art shiplift system for its naval yard and have it ready in the next two years.

a view of a city: Photo illustration of Fincantieri Marinette Marine featuring the soon-to-be-built USS Constellation

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Photo illustration of Fincantieri Marinette Marine featuring the soon-to-be-built USS Constellation

Fincantieri says the new system will allow for launching and retrieving ships of nearly 10,000 tons in the Menominee River. It also allows Marinette Marine to build the ships more completely and test them in climate-controlled facilities before launching them.

Fincantieri specifically identifies the Constellation Class Frigates and Multi-Mission Surface Combatant (MMSC) benefiting from the new shiplift. Marinette Marine was awarded a Navy contract for the frigates earlier this year which is potentially worth $5.5 billion. The MMSC is based on the Freedom-class Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) built in Marinette.

The shipbuilder doesn’t say how much the contract with Pearlson Shiplift Corp. is worth but says this is part of a multi-million dollar infrastructure project.

“This strategic investment by FMM will mean that current and future generations, both in Wisconsin and the U.S., will benefit from a world-class facility which is capable of handling the next generation of U.S. Navy ships,” a statement from Pearlson vice president/COO Bryan Fraind reads.

“We are impressed with Pearlson’s capabilities and record of performance. They are an innovative American company who has pioneered the shiplift,” Fincantieri Marine Group president/CEO Dario Deste wrote.

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‘Avoid picking inept contractors for lift maintenance’

THE lackadaisical attitude of the Joint Management Body (JMB) and Management Corporation (MC) of residential highrises in appointing incompetent contractors for elevator maintenance is seen as one of the reasons for the never-ending lift breakdowns.

Malaysian Elevators and Escalators Association (Malea) president Franky Ho Kai Satt said this happened because the building management wanted to save costs without thinking about the residents’ safety.

“The building management should have appointed only certified contractors listed by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).

“There are building owners that appoint incompetent elevator maintenance firms or unregistered contractors just to save costs and even some maintenance is done just to meet the minimum requirements,” he said.

He also said that the maintenance and inspection on the safety level of elevators should be done periodically according to standards set by the authorities without any compromise to ensure the mechanical level of all elevators is in perfect condition at all times.

Ho said residents’ reluctance pay the maintenance fee is also a factor that contributed to poor maintenance of lifts.

Since there is no fund, elevator maintenance could not be done, he added.

Malea, in collaboration with DOSH, also organises technical training related to elevator maintenance.

Meanwhile, DOSH director-general Omar Mat Piah said elevator owners must ensure that the machines were safe and could be used at any time in accordance with Section 17 (1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994.

Failing which, he said, it would expose elevator users to the risk of accidents.

“All elevator maintenance work must be carried out by a person who is qualified, trained and registered with DOSH.

“It has to be a competent person (OYK) from a competent firm (FYK),” he added.

Omar said a thorough inspection of the physical condition and safety level of an

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Giving Your Kitchen a Face Lift With New Kitchen Cabinets

When you do a lot of cooking in your kitchen, over time your kitchen can start to look old and worn out. It is a perfectly natural occurrence of wear and tear. However, cooking in an environment that looks old, depressing and dirty can also affect your mood, and in turn affect how you feel when you cook.

A very great way of giving your kitchen a face lift is simply by redoing your kitchen cabinets!

There are several ways you can do this. You can tear down your old kitchen cabinets and install new ones. You can get kitchen cabinets with the latest designs, colors and styles to freshen up the look and feel of your kitchen from contemporary, to country, to even having antique style kitchen cabinets!

If you have the budget for this, installing new kitchen cabinets can be the way to go. On the other hand, if you need to keep costs within a limited budget, what can you do?

Refacing your cabinets is the other way to go. You do not have to tear down your old cupboards, especially if they have sentimental value for you. Instead, you can just give your kitchen cabinets a new look by updating the look and style of your old kitchen cabinets!

Look through the latest kitchen design magazines, or visit showrooms around your area for new ideas. Take this as a weekend project where you give your kitchen a makeover. You can even save money by looking for discounts or places where you can get what you are looking for at a cheaper price.

You could change the facade of your kitchen doors, replace your old kitchen cabinet knobs with the latest designs in handles or pulls or even have different textures to your kitchen cabinets.

Make sure …

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