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We’re still not sure if foldable phones are a real improvement over existing tech, but Lenovo is already pushing forward with a foldable PC. It’s different from your average laptop or 2-in-1 because the Thinkpad X1 Fold wraps around a 13.3-inch flexible OLED that folds up like a book.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold

The pitch is that this represents a “new personal computing category,” but it does have an optional Bluetooth keyboard accessory that pops in to make it seem more like a traditional laptop. It could take a few weeks before the first devices actually arrive, but there’s enough progress for Lenovo to open up pre-orders starting at a price of $2,499. Who’s diving in?

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Dive deep into quick resume and faster load times in backward compatible games.

There’s still a lot of time to go before the next-gen consoles launch, and while we have an Xbox Series X in for testing, we can’t yet dive into the full experience with games built specifically for it. However, right now Jessica Conditt can dive into its performance using backwards compatibility to run older games, and the Fast Resume feature that shuffles between multiple titles seamlessly. The key words so far? Fast, powerful and quiet.
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The perfect smartwatch for a newbie?

The Apple Watch SE, at $279 packs plenty of modern smartwatch features into a compact, low-profile package. It’s not the prettiest watch, and its sleep-tracking reports aren’t as insightful as the competition. But for the price, the Watch SE is an excellent starter smartwatch for newcomers — offering plenty more than the even-cheaper Series 3.
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It works in a browser app you can download from the App Store.

Although Apple is finally letting game streaming run on iPhone and iPad, you can’t officially

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